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avid Beckham's Son The Father Echoes Style

as his father, Brooklyn Beckham has grown into a handsome young man. She even mimics his father's style of dress.

Brooklyn to look stylish when it comes along with his father, footballer David Beckham on the red carpet awards Do Something Monday (15 / 8) evening local time. 12-year-boy style that looks very sporty.

Brooklyn slipped one hand he was wearing a white shirt and let the other side outside the trousers. He wore black jeans, sneakers and plaid belt, black and white.

It is apparent that this eldest son got inspiration from his father, the field star who often look stylish, especially after her marriage to Victoria. Meanwhile, David's simple style in a suit and black pants.

In the show, David brings Do Something Athlete award, which he offered to his friend, Gordon Ramsay. It is quoted Dailymail, Tuesday (08/16/2011).

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