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After Tex Saverio, Lady Gaga popularized Other Young Designers

Attached to the image with a style nyeleneh controversial singer, Lady Gaga has provided inspiration for many fashion lovers. Not just make it a fashion icon, but she's also 25 years has managed to lift the image of a young designer.

As a celebrity who likes to show off different appearance, the singer who came to fame through the song "Poker Face" has been relying on a number of globally recognized designer to complement the choice of modes.

One favorite is the Alexander McQueen label. However, the singer of "Telephone" It also catapulted the name of the young designers such as designers from Indonesia Tex Saverio. Now one of the Birmingham fashion students also felt lucky when Lady Gaga choose one design. So that was disitat of Dailymail, Tuesday (08/16/2011).

Not long ago, an eccentric singer was showing off like Marge Simpson's quirky appearance. With a typical hair-inspired Marge Simpson beehive, Gaga wore a gray standard equipped with sunglasses and white gloves.

Is Rebecca (22), figures in the dress design Gaga. Designers who designed the dress at the London Graduate Fashion Week is now hoping that it will be reaping huge success in the future with the creation of a dress. Lady Gaga has raised the prestige of dress designs and flooding the internet.

"I get all these messages from my friends tell me to look at Twitter, because there is a picture my dress there. It all seemed so unreal, but that's what happened," said Rebecca.

After Gaga post his picture in a dress design for Twitpics Rebecca and Facebook, the result is getting more than 100 thousand followers, who admitted his admiration. Not only that, dozens of comments entered in less than a week.

One of the most acclaimed stylists Gaga is the Japanese-born designer, Nicola Formichetti. He has designed the "meat dress" she wore to the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards.

At a press conference in Singapore last July, Gaga who is promoting the album "Born This Way" was wearing a dress designer fashion school graduates Birmingham, Rebecca.

"The stylist has made her look amazing. This is a very minimalist clothing. I have been focusing on the shape and structure with draping experimental. I think he chose that design because it is open enough so it can be styled," explains Rebecca.

Since graduating from Birmingham City University with a degree in fashion design, Rebecca has worked with a boutique label Suzannah. He also has attended a fashion show including Calvin Klein, Raff Simons, and Jill Sander.

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