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Modifikasi Ninja

DATA Modifications
Tire front: Batllax 120/55-17
Rear tire: 190/50-17
Front rim: Honda CBR400
Pelek back: Kawasaki ZX600
Sok front: Suzuki GSX400.
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Yamaha Jupiter Mx[modified]

Modification data:
Rim: MGV
Tyres: Swallow Sea Hawk 100/70-17 (front) & 120/70-17 (rear)
Rear brake set: Suzuki 120cc (Nissin)
Front disc brake: LHK
Front caliper: Nissin 4 Pistons
Front Shock: LHK Upside Down
Swing arm: Custom
Sprocket set: Sinnob
Exhaust system: Hung
Clutch and Brake lever: PSM
Body kit: Custom with original Lagenda Z headlamp + Yamaha Ego S steering
Yamaha jupiter mx.

Honda Wave Black Results of the project.

This project is an expirement on using a stock front fender of Honda XRM.

Unable to secure a XRM front fender, Gino Lambating of Inayawan donated his Skygo Earl blue front fender. Basically the same design, I think it can be done…

Initially a mounting problem occur because the holder is in inverted Y design (fork). Cutting out some portion of the fender solve the problem then cover it with rubber sheet. Some additional tweaks then a paint job…whaala…

Original Fender Skygo Earl original front fender.

Modified Fender After modification and painting.

Finish Mounting Results of the project.

Honda Wave Black Modding

Vario Modifikasi Japan style

Modification modifikasi Garage Modified (GM), Ponorogo including those who thirst for knowledge. All kinds of reading make full devoured for his modification inspiration. Not wonder if his brain ordered to combine the work of Japanese and Barudak wong Bandung. This marriage lasted two nations Goods!

Merging two style modification obvious in the body. “At the front of the big-matic to apply the Japanese style,” said Dadang.

Fiber material used to cover the front cover. Even the lamp head is also covered original honda Vario. This design will give the impression was so scooters Honda greater.

“The Japanese like if you see the light. So narrow like a Ceramics,” continued the man who opened the shop on Jl. Gajah Mada, No. 48, Ponorogo, East Java.

The lamp used was a standard Vario! Can seem more narrow due to a new body to cover up to half.

Insiprasi taken from Bandung modif style is applied style house Geba Leisure modif Part (GLP). This stern design had applied to the GLP spectacular white Nouvo that could be Em-Plus cover.

“The shape of the box tail was fitted applied, while detailed, certainly different from Geba,” added the builder who had opened the garage is 5 years.

Details referred to in the election and the brake lights sein. Wear light Dadang Honda Supra X 125. It’s called the harmonization of one brand of component usage.

Another innovation, making the trunk box on the deck. The deck is already not Vario flat again, could to keep the tool kit or raincoat, Congenital was so much more!

Honda Vario Japanese Style DATA MODIFICATION:

Front rim: Custom 4 x 14 inches
Front tire: 120/70-14 Tire Deli
Rear rim: Custom 8 x 14 inches
Rear tire: 160/60-14 Tire Deli
Airs next: X Speed
Rear Shock: YSS
Handlebar: Robocop
Exhaust: Yoshimura
GM: 0813-3564-1275

Soul Shaker Harley Davidson Modification

Soul Shaker Harley Davidson Modification
Soul Shaker Harley Davidson At Show

Featured on the cover of V-Twin Magazine (May 2008 issue). A 120 cubic inch Accurate Engineering Outlaw Pan Head, dual SS carbs. Baker 6 speed trans, Thunderstruck belt drive. Thunderstruck/Ego Trip Wheels. All sheet metal & accessories work by Mark Daley. Paint by Mad Gini.

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