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JK Rowling Net Worth

How much money is JK Rowling worth?

JK Rowling is a British author, known as the creator of the wildly popular Harry Potter fantasy book and film series, her net worth is $980 Million

Mariah Carey Net Worth

How much money is Mariah Carey worth?

Mariah Carey is an American pop/R&B singer-songwriter, record producer and actress, known for hit songs such Honey and Always Be My Baby, her net worth is $225 Million

Celine Dion Net Worth

How much money is Celine Dion worth?

Celine Dion is a spectacular Canadian singer songwriter and actress, her net worth is $225 Million.

Jennifer Lopez Net Worth

How much money is Jennifer Lopez worth?

Jennifer Lopez is an American actress, singer, record producer and fashion designer, known by many as the most influential Hispanic entertainer, her net worth is $110 Million.

Jackie Chan Net Worth

How much money is Jackie Chan worth?

Jackie Chan Net Worth: $135 Million

Brooke Burke Net Worth

How much money is Brooke Burke worth?

Brooke Burke is an American television personality and model, featured on the television show Wild On! and Dancing with the Stars, her net worth is $9 Million.

Jay Mohr Net Worth

How much money is Jay Mohr worth?

Jay Mohr is an American actor and stand up comedian, featured on the television show Saturday Night Live and Gary Unmarried, his net worth is $5 Million.

Nicki Minaj Net Worth

How much money is Nicki Minaj worth?

Nicki Minaj is a Trinidadian American rapper and singer-songwriter who is known for the album Pink Friday, her net worth is $2 Million.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar Net Worth

How much money is Mark-Paul Gosselaar worth?

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is an American actor, known for his role as Zack Morris in the television series Saved by the Bell, his net worth is $9 Million.

Smokey Robinson Net Worth

How much money is Smokey Robinson worth?

Smokey Robinson is an American R&B singer-songwriter and record producer who achieved thirty seven Top 40 hits during his singing career, his net worth is $100 Million.

Ashley Judd Net Worth

How much money is Ashley Judd worth?

Ashley Judd is an American actress who has starred in such films as Kiss the Girls, Double Jeopardy and Eye of the Beholder, her net worth is $22 Million.

Alex Trebek Net Worth

How much money is Alex Trebek worth?

Alex Trebek is a Canadian born American game show host, best known for his work on the television program Jeopardy!, his net worth is $45 Million.

Pat Sajak Net Worth

How much money is Pat Sajak worth?

Pat Sajak is an American television personality who is known as the host of the television game show Wheel of Fortune, his net worth is $30 Million.

Vanna White Net Worth

How much money is Vanna White worth?

Vanna White is an American television personality, best known for her work on the television game show Wheel of Fortune, her net worth is $15 Million.

Russell Crowe Net Worth

How much money is Russell Crowe worth?

Russell Crowe is a New Zealand-born actor and musician, known for his role in the movie The Insider, Gladiator and A Beautiful Mind, his net worth is $65 Million.

Utilizing the Travel Agent Portal For Online Travel Service

Internet users in Indonesia, according to data Kominfo number reached 45 million people but very few who still use travel agents or hotels sportal to direct transactions, Internet users in Indonesia, a new website that sells products utilize tourism as a source of information, not to make purchases online as already done a global society.

the cause of yet unfamiliar direct Internet users to transact online, because the managers of travel agents themselves often do not have specialized staff competent to manage his website seriously. Whereas the existing information must be kept in the update, especially in fast moving business in the online tourism industry

In addition consumers themselves are still reluctant to direct transactions through the Internet. Usually after browsing the Internet to get a cool product tours, travel agents then decide which one is selected and contacted by telephone and transact conventional

To purchase tourism products through the Internet, consumers are generally conducted for online transactions plane tickets and hotel bookings because of the price offered is usually much cheaper. online business tourism in foreign countries, especially in key markets such as the Dutch tourism Indonesia, Japan, Australia actually thrive.

Here's an example of some travel agents tour Success Using Online Services

In the Netherlands, travel agents TUI Nederland BV, which is the largest agency in the Netherlands reported sales of approximately 1.5 billion Euros in 2007, with 15% market share. Online sales continue to grow with a growth rate 20% higher. Total year 2008 online sales had reached a value of 2.3 billion euros. This value represents 24% of the total value of sales in 2008.

Meanwhile in Japan, selling over the Internet also continues to grow as consumers become more confident in buying the travel and tourism products online, because the site travel companies become more sophisticated, more secure and easier to use. Transactions via the Internet are expected to increase 70% in constant with the projection of up to 869 billion yen in the year 2013.

Consumers in Autralia also make reservations online in retail travel that reached 11% of the total travel retail markets. But the online transaction of a flight or hotel reservations only. Now, for a more complex and value-added in packaging tourism package tourists in Australia who wanted the remains to contact travel agents.

Legal Purchase Online

Legal Purchase Online; Advancement of information impossible to stop them. One of his men was the development of online businesses, businesses that run through the virtual world. Traders and sellers do not face each other. Such conditions quite a dilemma. Because, according to the rules of fiqh, in a sale and purchase transactions, contained several pillars purchase.

Here are brief descriptions of harmony buying and selling, there are sellers and buyers who have sensible. There should be bought or sold goods or services. There penukarnya tools, such as gold and money. Pillars of the most important is the existence of consent granted, that is greeting the transaction between the seller and the purchaser.

For the pillars must have items to be sold, still followed by the other provisions. Ie, goods sold should be pure, have the benefit, could be handed over, owned retailer, and is known sellers and potential buyers.

Now, for the case of buying and selling online, it is difficult to prove that we will buy the goods actually owned by the seller. In addition, the buying and selling online, the goods sold can be known only through drawings prospective buyers. In fact, the buyer is entitled to know the real condition of the goods. Terms and pillars are supported to maintain mutual trust and honesty.

At first glance, it looks to transact through an online business much simpler. Staying send money, buyers do not bother coming to a store. But, behind the simplicity of it, appears substantial risk.

In essence, buying and selling via the Internet is not so problematic. Origin, does not contain elements that could spoil it. For example, usury, oppression, fraud, fraud, and the like that could topple pillars and in the process of buying and selling requirements.

Rose is Good for Skin Care

As quoted from Dailymail, Ancient Greek and Roman society used rose oil as a reliever of anxiety, depression and skin irritation drug. While Ayurveda, ancient Indian medicine used rose to treat digestive problems and maintain the body’s metabolism.

Roses are rich in C vitamin which is useful to increase collagen. The polyfenol content is also efficacious as a cosmetic product ingredients, such as preventing wrinkles, skin moisturizer, serum, and body oil. Suitable for all skin types and can treat various skin problems.

“Oil rose increased elasticity, ideal for wrinkles problem,” says herb expert Jessica Houdret. “For those who has sensitive skin and prone to acne, they could get the benefits from the antiseptic and anti-inflammatory content of rose. It is also good for dry skin.”

According to Geraldine Howard, founders of Aromatherapy Associates, rose extract increasingly popular in the middle of rush of modern beauty products. “Oil rose very nutritious for our health, it has many nutrients, and can make the skin look more radiant. And the scent can make a happy mood,” he said.

Water and rose oil are good for skin health. Rose water which is taken through the process of steam distillation of flower petals, useful for the production of moisturizing cream and shower gel. While the rose extract is useful for serum and perfume.

Lipsticks Can be Harmful for Dental Health

Most modern women will use lipsticks on a regular basis and almost every day. But without realizing some lipsticks can be harmful for the health of their teeth.

According to GeniusBeauty, researchers from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, found bad effects of lipstick on health. Researchers found some lipsticks which contains paraffin, which is one substance that can damage tooth enamel.

“Some beauty products do use paraffin in small amounts, but if the product is used regularly it can cause dental caries,” said research group leader, Antonio Habier.

Paraffin embedded on the tooth surface will make the small particles of food get stuck easily. This condition will create a good breeding place for the reproduction of infectious bacteria. So the use of lipstick on a regular basis can cause infections that create small cracks or cavities formed in the tooth enamel.

In this study, researchers conducted a test on 10 brands of lipsticks which is quite popular. Apparently it is found that some of these products can cause an increased risk of dental disease dental problems. and other

Habier Antonio said that if a lipstick is used on a daily or regular basis, then the problems that arise in the teeth will appear within 2-3 months. It is estimated that on average women who regularly use cream, mascara, lipsticks and other cosmetics products will receive up to two kilograms of dangerous chemicals.

To avoid negative impacts that may arise from the use of these cosmetics, dental specialists tooth enamel from paraffin and pathogen bacterias. from Brazil plans to create a special spray that will protect the

Besides that, experts also recommended that women gives more protection on the health of their teeth, as well as carefully considering the content of cosmetic ingredients used.

Breastfeeding Can Prevent Diabetes

There are many benefits of breastfeeding to which is already well known, and recent research shows, one of the benefits of breastfeeding is to reduce the risks of diabetes.

Breast milk is the only “food” best for your baby during the early growth. Unfortunately, many mothers worry that breastfeeding alone is not sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of the baby. In fact, many experts have long agreed that breast milk has a many positive benefits, particularly for the health of the baby.

Not only for the baby, even the mother who breastfeeds their children also benefits from doing it. Recent research shows, mothers who breastfeeds for a month or more will reduce the risk of diabetes later in life.

According to researcher Eleanor Bimla Schwarz, MD, an assistant professor of medicine at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, United States, the relationship between breastfeeding and diabetes risk has been addressed in previous research. However, recent studies have reinforced this. “Mothers who breastfeed have a much lower risk for diabetes,” said Schwarz, according to to WebMD.

“While the mother who never breastfeeds their children has nearly doubled the risk of getting diabetes,” he said.

The study was published in The American Journal of Medicine. This research itself was funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases and National Institute of Child Health and Development.

Schwarz and his colleagues studied data collected in other studies concerning risk factors urinary incontinence (bedwetting), evaluate the information about the study of breastfeeding practices, and how will women suffer from diabetes. This study followed participants aged 40 to 78 years old and a member of the largest health care organization in California.

The researchers evaluated data from approximately 2,233 women. Of those, 405 people have became mothers, 1,125 were mothers who breastfeed at least a month, and the remaining 703 were mothers who never breastfeed their children. The result showed that the risk of getting type 2 diabetes diagnosis for women who breastfeed their children for a month or more, similar to women who have not given birth.

However, mothers who never breast-feed her child was almost two times more likely to get diabetes than women who had never given birth. Meanwhile, mothers who never gave exclusive breast milk, about 1.4 times more likely to suffer from diabetes than women who breastfeed exclusively for one to three months.

So, the greatest risk of developing diabetes from the conclusions drawn from the results of this study is 17.5 percent of women who never gave birth, 17 percent of women who breastfeed their children for a month or more, 20.3 percent of women who breastfeed for one month or more, but not for all their children and the highest is 26.7 percent of mothers who do not breastfeed.

Overweight and obesity are the most common diseases suffered by the participants, 68 percent of them had a body mass index of 25 or more, which is considered to exceed the limit of the ideal body weight. The relationship between breastfeeding and diabetes, says Schwarz, is known after controlling other factors such as weight, physical activity, and family history of diabetes.

He said that even breastfeeding for one month seems to make a big difference for the mother. And if they do it longer is better. “Previous research has shown, the longer you breastfeed, the benefits for your body will add,” says Schwarz. Many experts recommend exclusive breastfeeding for six months.

“Obviously it is difficult for mothers to keep breastfeeding within their work environment,” says Schwarz. Schwarz said, the relationship between breastfeeding and diabetes may be caused by fat in the abdomen. Mothers who do not breastfeed, because of of age, have more abdominal fat. With breastfeeding, it is suspected to help mothers lose weight.

“Fat in the stomach increases the risk of diabetes as you get older,” said Schwarz. Several previous studies have shown that breastfeeding can increase sensitivity to insulin, which in turn reduces the risk of diabetes. But it may be short-term events, while breastfeeding happens. “The real problem may be caused by fat in the abdomen,” says Schwarz.

Kimberly D Gregory, MD, MPH, Deputy Head of Health Center for Women and Performance Improvement at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Los Angeles, United States, said that the latest findings about breastfeeding can reduce the risk of diabetes is not surprising at all.

She often advises women who suffer from gestational diabetes (occurring during pregnancy) that they are in danger to then get type 2 diabetes and advised them to breastfeed. According to Gregory, the results of this study might inspire her to add information to women about more benefits of breastfeeding.

Gregory, who is also a professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Public Health, Los Angeles, United States, claims that shw will be more focused in providing knowledge of the benefits of breast milk to babies in the future.

“I think it would make me say to women that breastfeeding will help you lose weight faster and may reduce chances of becoming diabetes later in life,” said Gregory.

7 Signs of Autistic Babies

Most of the symptoms of autism has been seen since the children aged under 3 years. In fact, some parents have already seen signs of autism when their baby aged 9 months. The following signs of autism can be recognized since the baby is one year old and above.

1. Does your child have a sense of interest in other children? (Yes / No)

2. Does your child ever uses her finger to show his interest in something? (Y / T)

3. Does your child look at your eyes more than one or two seconds? (Y / T)

4. Does your child imitate you? For example, if you make a certain expression, whether he emulate? (Y / T)

5. Does your child react when his/her name is called? (Y / T)

6. If you point at a toy, does your child look at the toy / object? (Y / T)

7. Does your child ever play such as pretending to feed a doll, talking on the phone, and so forth? (Y / T)

A child has a chance of having autism, if at least two of the above questions is answered No. Consult the matter to a specialist to get the right diagnosis.

Source: The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers

8 Symptoms of Cancer

Because it is difficult to detect, cancer is often identified when it had become more severe. But now researchers successfully identified eight symptoms that indicates the presence of cancer.

Experts from Keele University identified those eight symptoms after doing a research on 25 studies in England, U.S.A, Netherlands Belgum, Australia, Denmark and Germany. The results of the study was published in the British Journal of General Practice (BJGP).

Dr Mark Shapley who led the research said the eight symptoms had different level of accuracy. There are several factors that influence, but the most important are age and gender, according to the Telegraph.

Iron deficiency anemia for example, in woman aged 21-year-old it does not necessarily indicate the presence of cancer. But for men aged 60 years and over, this symptom could indicate colon cancer.

Unless there are other causes known, eight of the following symptoms are signs of cancer which is revealed in the research.

1. Bleeding in the rectum (indicates colon cancer in elder poople)2. Iron deficiency anemia (indicates bowel cancer),
3. Lump in the breast (indicates possibility of breast cancer)
4. Rectum examination which shows cancer (indicates the possibility of prostate cancer)
5. Blood in the urine (indicates cancer in the urinary tract)
6. Coughing blood (indicates possibility of lung cancer)
7. Post-menopausal bleeding (indicates the possibility of womb cancer)
8. Difficulty in swallowing (indicates esophageal cancer)

Dr Mark hoped this finding could help doctors and patients to be able to identify cancer as early as possible. The faster the cancer is detected the greater the hope to overcome them before they become more severe.

Tips to Avoid Hair Loss

Having a long and beautiful hair maybe a desire for many women. But hair often experience delays during the process of growth and this is of course very sad.

Just like your face, hair is often associated with skin layers. The scalp is usually oily and dead skin cells inhibits the growth of new hair. Try to massage your scalp with fingers or comb it for two minutes before a shower. It can stimulate growth of hair follicles.

Also consider the shampoo and conditioner you use. Use shampoo and conditioner in accordance with the conditions of your scalp and hair. Find shampoos and conditioners which contain moisturizers. You can change the type of shampoo after obtaining the results.

Most importantly make sure your hair avoids all kinds of hair styling tools like a vise, a hair dryer or curling. Heat generated from those tools can damage the protection covering the hair, the cuticle, and are vulnerable to hair loss.

Iron is the Most Important Nutrition for Diet

A slim and healthy body is every woman’s dream. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are many drugs and slimming treatments sold in the market. Some women choose a diet with their own ways. However, many times they are mistaken and actually lead them to health problems rather than a slim body. Diet is not prohibited, but must be done correctly and one should pay attention to nutritional intake in addition to doing regular exercises.

One important nutrients that should not be left in a diet is iron, because this substance which is much contained in spinach is very important for the metabolism of the body, especially women. In fact, a laboratory test showed that with adequate iron intake during a diet, your metabolism will run faster. That means burning calories faster, so you drop weight faster too.

Iron in the blood is a “carrier agent” of oxygen from lungs to the entire body and are needed for women, especially during menstruation and pregnancy. A woman aged 19-54 years old require iron intake of about 12 to 16 milligrams. While pregnant women are required to take 10-20 milligrams of iron. For women above 54 years old should consume 5-7 milligrams of iron daily.

Then, how can we maintain the supply of iron in the body without losing appetite? Do not worry, iron are not only contained in spinach, but also in some types of fruit and vegetables.

If you’re doing a low-carb diet and consume potatoes, then the potatoes skins actually contains iron. Now, if your primary carbohydrate comes from bread, you should choose whole wheat breads. Wheat bread contains high fiber, antioxidants, phytoestrogens to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, vitamins, minerals and iron.

Tea is actually good for diet drinks, especially if the tea that you consume is green tea or black tea. However, to keep the supply of iron in the body, avoid consuming too much tea, because the tannin content in tea is an inhibitor of iron absorption.

To maintain the supply of iron, even though you’re in a diet, you should not avoid meat because meat contains a lot of iron. Beef, chicken and fish saves a bunch of iron your body needs. The key is to eat in the right portions. However, if you choose to avoid red meat intake, you can also get iron from oysters.

Not only known as a food drive sexual desire, oyster is rich in iron content of 4.7 milligrams of iron per gram. Besides spinach, you can get iron from nuts. 100 grams of nuts contains between 8-17 percent protein, iron (1-5 mg) and calcium (14-102 mg). If you do not like soy beans in its original form, have processed products such as tofu.

Gain Weight with 2 Healthy Way

weight gain

If those who are overweight try to lose weight with a strict diet, those who have a lean body by eating a variety of foods, especially fat, so weight can be increased.

According to Edwin Lao, an expert on nutrition, weight gain efforts should also consider the health aspects. This means, a person should not eat all they want. Just like efforts to reduce body weight, gaining weight also should be done gradually.

Edwin, who is also a healthy culinary expert, provides two important tips for you as a guide to gain weight in a healthy way. First, never forget to exercise because by moving, the body will easily absorb the calories.

“A lot of thin people fear exercise because they fear that their body will get thinner. In fact, with exercise, each cell molecules will open up. This is good for the absorption of calories,” he said.

The second tip is to eat more often, but with a portion as small as possible. “Eat more often in portions as small as possible” he said.

For breakfast, Edwin suggest that eating foods high in carbs levels. While during the day, fill your plate with more food that contains protein and fiber.

“For the evening, choose foods that are low in carbohydrates and proteins,” said the man who is also a fitness trainer.

Stages When an Acne Appears

Acne is an annoying skin problem that can interfere with self-confidence, plus a acne scars which are difficult to erase. Know the stages of the appearance of acne so it can be more easily handled.

Acne commonly appears on the face, neck, back and chest. Stages of acne also determine weather or not an inflammation and pain that appears are severe.

If the acne is still at an early stage, the treatment tends to be easy. According eHow, there were several stages when acne appears as follows:

Stage 0
This stage means that there are small signs of acne and really do not need to worry about, including the emergence of a small pimple. This condition can subside within 1-2 days, unless there are signs that the acne is getting larger.

Stage 1
This is the beginning stages of acne usually begins with whiteheads. Some white spots are seen on the face, especially at the tip of the nose, angle of nose and below lips. This condition does not cause inflammation, but a few days later would come the black dot in the area. If someone remove it in a way that is not sterile, then there will be an opportunity for acne to develop further.

Stage 2
At this stage, mild inflammation will be seen which typically is accompanied by papules. Papules are lesions (sores), skin slightly enlarged but at a small size and dense. This condition is also known as mild acne, if it can be given good treatment, than the acne can be controlled.

Stage 3
In this stage papules on the skin has started to grow and looks inflamed. This medication usually should require medical assistance.

Stage 4
Acne that appears already turned into pastules. Basically this pastules contains pus, appear inflamed and there is a kind of white tip. If you have reached this stage, acne should not be squeezed.

Stage 5
If skin problems are not controlled, it can enter the severe stage. Wadding (nodule) will start to appear during this phase. Pastules develops in the face that contain pus, dead skin cells, white blood cells, bacteria and sebum. This inflamed lumps that can spread to the deeper parts of the skin and cause pain.

Stage 6
At this stage, the skin will look red and blood can arise from the acne. This stage lead to infection and increase the potential for the next acne.

Stage 7
In this stage the drug is needed to help clean up all the lumps (nodules) and pimples containing pus. This treatment should be done by a dermatologist so that the acne is more restrained and does not develop further.

Stage 8
This condition is one of the stages of healing acne where one can see the scar or dots of acne scars. To eliminate this, special care needed for acne scars to avoid permanent scarring.

There are several things that can cause acne, which are hormonal fluctuations, overactive oil glands, heredity, seasonal factors, consumption of caffeine, smoking, pregnancy, stress factors, and lack of care for the skin.

10 Factors That Reduce 90 percent of Stroke Risk

There are many risk factors that can trigger a stroke. However, a recent study classifies 10 risk factors which, if avoided may reduce the risk by 90 percent.

According to Dailymail, the ten factors were identified when researchers from McMaster University studied 3,000 patients with stroke. Lifestyle of the patients are compared with 3,000 healthy people as a control.

The results showed, the first five risk factors play a role in 80 percent of cases of stroke. All five are high blood pressure, smoking, abdominal fat, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise.

When added with the 5 next factor, the risk of stroke increased to 90 percent. The five other factors are diabetes, excessive alcohol consumption, stress or depression, heart problems and weak blood molecule called apolipoprotein.

“With the discovery of these ten factors, interventions that target low blood pressure and less smoking habit, exercising regularly and eating a healthy diet can reduce stroke risk substantially,” said Dr Martin O’Donnell who was involved in the study.

Stroke occurs when the brain deprived of oxygen. The most common type is ischemic stroke, which occurs when blood clots block blood flow to the brain. Can also be triggered by the outbreak of the blood vessels, causing bleeding in the brain (stroke hemoraghi).

Of all risk factors, high blood pressure is the most important factor, which causes one third of stroke cases. Compared with normal people, people with high blood pressure have 2.5 times greater risk of stroke.

The findings are published in the The Lancet journal.

Female Sexual Dysfunction Increases With Age

Nearly two-thirds of women who attended a urology practice reported that they suffer from sexual dysfunction, according to a paper in the BJUI August edition.

Dysfunction increases with age in all categories except orgasm, with more than half of women aged 18-30 reported orgasm problems, much higher than women aged 31-54.

Researchers questioned 587 women aged 18-95, who attended a urology clinic in New Jersey, United States, about six key areas of female sexual dysfunction (FSD): lack of desire, arousal problems, lack of lubrication, trouble reaching orgasm, lack of satisfaction and pain during sexual intercourse.

“We found that 63% of women suffer from FSD and that there was a significant relationship between FSD and age, menopausal status and use of selective antidepressants,” said Dr. Debra Fromer, Head of Health Center for Bladder, Prostate, and Pelvic at Hackensack University Medical Centre, New Jersey, according to Sexual Health News.

12% of women who took part in this study aged 18-30, 27% aged 31-45, 25% aged 46-54, 24% aged 55-70 and 12% aged 70.

Key findings from this survey include:

* The age group which is most sexually active is 31-45 years (87%), aged 18-30 years (85%) and aged 46-54 years (74%). Then fell sharply at the age of 55-70 years (45%) and in women over 70 (15%).

* The problem faced is the lack of desire (47%), followed by problems with orgasm (45%), arousal problems (40%), lack of satisfaction (39%), lack of lubrication (37%) and pain (36%).

“FSD can have a major impact on life quality of a women,” said Dr. Fromer. He believes that it could seriously affect the sense of wholeness and relationship.

Researchers have found a significant relationship between the main categories of sexual dysfunction, lack of physical satisfaction and emotional satisfaction.

Therefore, according to researchers, it is important to ensure that problems are promptly identified and addressed wherever possible.

Zinc Increase the Fertility of Eggs and Fetus

Scientists and obstetricians have long tried to figure out what makes a good egg that will produce healthy embryos. This is a critical question for obstetricians to determine which eggs which is isolated from a woman will produce the best embryos and, ultimately, babies.

A new research shows that healthy eggs requires large amounts of zinc substance to reach maturity and ready to be fertilized. Findings by researchers at Northwestern University, United States, eventually could help doctors assess the best eggs for fertility treatment.

“Understanding the role of zinc can eventually help us measure the quality of the eggs and lead to advances in fertility treatments,” said Alison Kim, a Ph.D. obstetrics and gynecology student at Northwestern University Medical School, according to Medical News Today “Currently we can not predict which eggs will produce the best embryos and will produce a baby. Not all the eggs can be a a healthy embryo”

There is no link found yet between zinc content in egg and nutritional status of the women, but Kim is planning to investigate this area.

Kim is the lead author of a paper which will be published in the Nature Chemical Biology journal upcoming September edition.

In laboratory experiments with mouse models, scientists at Northwestern have found that the egg became greedy for zinc and obtained a 50 percent increase in the metal to reach full maturity before fertilization.

5 Ways to Increase Sperm Production

When talking about male fertility, the higher the sperm count then the more likely you are to fertilize an egg. So, how can we increase sperm count?

If you have a lower sperm count, it is important to increase the amount. Luckily, there are several ways you can increase the amount of sperm produced by the body, from loosing weight to changing the type of underwear you wear. Here, are some ways to improve sperm production according to eHow.

Change underwear
Change your tight underwear or boxer which you often wear with a more loose one. Or if you want, do not wear any underwear at all. According to Baby Center, the average body temperature which is rather high makes the sperm can not survive. Therefore, wearing underwear that is too tight, causes a low sperm count.

Exercise to lose weight
According, obese people usually have a lower sperm count than men with normal weight.

Avoid using drugs and consuming alcohol
Drugs and alcohol are products that can kill up to 50 percent of your sperm count, according to

Bath and soak in cold water
Bath or hot bath can reduce the amount of sperm produced by your body. According to Baby Center, a hot water temperature which is above the average temperature of your body, it is too hot for sperm to survive. And, water which is too hot can actually kill and reduce your sperm count.

Walk or Drive a Car
Walking is better than riding a bike and driving a car is better than riding a motorcycle. Constant shocks from a bike can cause trauma to your testicles and kill sperm.

Get a Better Sex Life with Quit Smoking

Smoking has been warned to be able to cause impotence or erectile dysfunction, but many men never even think about quitting this bad habit. They should realize that quitting smoking can give a better sex life.

According to a study at the University of Hong Kong, stopping smoking can dramatically improve your sex life.

From the study, 53.8 percent of smokers who were treated for erectile dysfunction said that their erectile dysfunction problems subside within six months after quitting smoking. In the other hand 28.1 percent of patients treated for erectile dysfunction and improved, but did not stop smoking. This means that the quitters had a 91.5 percent chance for a better sex life.

Erectile dysfunction is very common in China and across Asia, for that, programs that can help smokers quit smoking should be extended throughout the region,” said Professor Sophia Chan, who helped conducted the survey, according to Chinadaily.

While his colleague Professor Lam Tai-hing, said that smokers should be aware of the adverse effects and stop smoking immediately. This can prevent erectile dysfunction and other diseases caused by smoking.

In fact, patients with erectile dysfunction who smoke can expect some immediate benefits after they quit smoking.

HIV in Blood and HIV in Sperms are Different

HIV tests in men should be accompanied also by examination of sperm in the semen. Because apparently the existing population of HIV in semen is different from the ones in the blood, so that it is not represented only by blood tests alone.

This difference was revealed when researchers compared the genetic code on the surface of HIV protein that exist in both types of these body fluids. Presumably, the differences arise from changes that occur in the genital tract where semen is produced.

Inside these channels, researchers have revealed two virus growth mechanisms that causes AIDS. Although both originated from blood, HIV will experience a change in accordance with the mechanism of growth experienced.

According to HealthDay, the first mechanism occurs in short term and produces viral populations which are relatively similar to more complex populations in the blood. Because of its rapid growth, there is no interaction with existing cells in the genital tract.

Interactions that occur in the second mechanism, which is the long-term growth in the genital tract. Before multiplying, HIV occupies T-cell or white blood cells that holds a role in the immune system at the cell level resulting a virus with different genetic code.

This study has not uncovered further whether the transmission affects the virulence and characteristics of the virus, and its influence on modes of transmission. However, these findings prove that blood tests alone do not represent the population of virus in semen.

This study was done by ateam from the University of North Carolina (USA), Edward Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research (England) and Baylor Pediatric Center of Excellence (Malawi). Review has been published online in the PLoS Pathogens journal August 19, 2010 edition.

Vaginal Gel Blocks HIV is being Developed

Various experiments have been performed by scientists to create a vaginal cream that is able to fend off the HIV virus, but unfortunately it all ended in failure. Now the experts are in the middle of testing a drug used to treat HIV as a prevention drug, in ways embedded in vaginal gels and vaginal contraceptive ring shape.

The method is Similar to freshening breath method but is applied in the vagina. This drug is named microbicides, and will be mainly marketed in developing countries where men rarely use condoms.

For two decades, scientists have been struggling to create HIV-prevention drug that is strong enough. Early studies was tested on women in South Asia such using vaginal gel containing the AIDS drug tenofovir, but the new results will be known next July.

Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) is a revolution in AIDS treatment so that a person with HIV can live longer. These drugs also reduce the risk of virus transmission from pregnant mothers to their babies. Therefore, experts assess if the drug is consumed every day, it can give the effect of prevention, in both men and women.

Dozens have also done research on vulnerable populations who are infected. Usually the drugs used are tenofovir because it has lower side effects than other antiretroviral drugs.

The problem is, taking medication every day can result in drug resistance, especially when someone forgot to take their medicine. This has sparked controversy.

Research on HIV prevention gel actually started in 1994. At first, scientists knew that the cells on the surface of the vagina is not the initial target of HIV because the virus quickly enters the cell layers.

Studies in monkeys showed a small population of compiler cells that produces signs several days before the virus is ready to spread. Drugs such as tenofovir inhibits HIV to multiply despite already infected in the body.

According to Dr Salim Abdool Karim of the Centre for AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa, the concentration of tenofovir in the vaginal tissue will be higher when administered with gel rather than pills.

Learning from the success of contraception, experts now develop tenofovir in other methods, which are easily soluble into the vaginal lining, so you will not see couples. In addition it also made the vaginal ring coated with tenofovir so it can survive long. It is available also for gay men, in the form of tenofovir for the rectum.

High Risk of HIV Transmission During Pregnancy

Women in Africa who are pregnant, have a higher risk of contracting HIV if during pregnancy still have sex with their partners. Pregnant women have a two times higher risk of HIV transmission.

This was revealed in a study by the University of Nairobi, on more than 3300 couples who were diagnosed HIV positive. The number of infected patients included 1085 men and 2236 women.

According to HealthDay, research was conducted in Botswana, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Zamibia, Tanzania and South Africa. In observations over two years, 823 pregnancies occur in pairs.

The increase occurred both in transmission risk from male to female, or the opposite. However, according to the study, the effect on the transmission from women to men is more powerful and real.

Presumably this is related to physiological and immunological changes in women during pregnancy, which certainly has not been revealed in this study. What is clear, the increased risk of HIV is not influenced by circumcision of the man, nor the use of safety devices during intercourse.

While in women the increased risk is caused more by factors related to pregnancy itself. Among these include changes in sexual behavior during pregnancy.

These findings will be presented at the International Microbicides Conference in Pittsburgh.

Believe Bananas Can Prevent HIV?

Research by experts indicates that bananas have a substance that has the potential to slow down HIV infection. This finding is expected to open a new window in the treatment of prevention of HIV infection which the cure has yet not been found.

Researchers from the University of Michigan Medical School are interested in lectins, chemicals that are naturally in plants, because of its ability to stop the chain reaction of various types of infections. Laboratory test results show, BanLec, lectins found in bananas, as effective as anti-HIV medicines at this time.

A new way to stop the spread of HIV is absolutely necessary. We have a number of new HIV infections exceeds the number of individuals who received antiretroviral drugs, namely 2.5 to 1. In fact, there are no signs of an HIV vaccine would appear in the near future.

At present the use of condoms is still the main method of HIV prevention when it is used consistently and correctly. Other prevention strategies are also effective to prevent transmission through the vagina and rectum by using a drug that prevents HIV entry into target cells.

Research conducted by Michigan State University researcher shows how lectins can identify the attackers from outside the body, such as viruses, and attacks it as a pathogen, can be developed to identify the HIV virus.

Besides having the same potential anti-HIV medicine currently available, the banana lectins are also much cheaper to produce as a medicine that can reach the wider community.

“The problem for anti-HIV medicines is the ability of the virus to mutate and become resistant. However, it can be prevented by lectins. Lectins can be attached to the sugar found in various points of HIV-1 and it is estimated that the virus needs multiple mutation to get it, “said Erwin J Goldstein, PhD, professor of biological chemistry.

Legendary ship Greenpeace Calls for Thailand to "Against the Flow"

Greenpeace's legendary Rainbow Warrior ship tour "Turn the Tide" (Reversed Flow) in the port of Bangkok, as the initial two and a half month trip in Southeast Asia to promote a greener future and peace.

Greenpeace is calling on the Thai government to live a green development path, to make a paradigm shift in technology, innovation policy and a new solidarity between social classes and generations.

Tour of "Turn the Tide 'to coincide with the commemoration of 10 years of Greenpeace official presence in Southeast Asia - who at that time marked by the first Rainbow Warrior tour to the region.

During the last 10 years Greenpeace has documented the dramatic increase in levels of toxic chemicals in the various canals, rivers and the bay area of Thailand, and examine the air quality in the industrial area of this country.

In this period also continued to arrive reporting health problems in communities that are directly affected by industrial toxic waste in areas such as Mae-Moh until the Map Tha Put.

"Today was going debate in Thailand to tighten control over pollution and underscore the importance of leaving the approach of 'business as usual' (business as usual), which has resulted in dramatic environmental damage and significant health problems in society. The government of Thailand had the chance to lay the foundation for more environmentally friendly economy, "said Von Hernandez, Executive Director of Greenpeace Southeast Asia, in his press statement sent to okezone in Jakarta, Sunday (09/19/2010).

Tour the Rainbow Warrior: Turn The Tide is going to promote and demonstrate the appropriate solutions as well as uncover any behaviors in order to avoid catastrophic climate change. In Thailand, the ship will participate in a solidarity action with local communities, community and other NGOs to highlight the importance of environmentally friendly development.

"Rainbow Warrior is a symbol of positive change and representatives from community action for the future of a more clean, green and peaceful. This is the fifth Rainbow Warrior visit to Thailand in the last 10 years, and we were very impressed to see the rapid increase public awareness of the gross development rejection in Thailand. We're really looking forward to participate in activities planned by the community in Nakhon Si Thamarrat, Surathani, Koh Samu, Chumpon and Prachuan Kirikhan. Behaviour 'business as usual' is not an option, "said Derek Nicholls, Captain Rainbow Warrior.

Greenpeace is urging the Thai government to reverse the flow of dirty development into environmentally friendly development are:

1. Increasing investment in energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies by stopping subsidies to fossil fuels, nuclear project and the energy industry incentives;

2. Cleaning the Chao Phraya river with clear deadlines to reduce, suspend and terminate ultimate disposal of hazardous chemicals in all of Thailand's water resources;

3. Adopt national policies to promote sustainable agriculture in Thailand by banning all genetically modified foods and to stop all subsidies to fertilizer and chemical pesticides in Thailand;

4. Implementing a strict set of policies to protect and stop deforestation, and stop the policies and projects that have the potential to destroy forests and biodiversity.

With the Rainbow Warrior tour: "Turn The Tide" Greenpeace is calling on ASEAN countries to encourage foreign investment and adopting green building low-carbon economic growth for the future.

This tour marks the 10th year in the presence of Greenpeace Southeast Asia campaigns for forest protection, energy revolution, promoting sustainable agriculture, as well as to stop water pollution.

17 locations are Bad for Sex Express

SOMETIMES you feel so hot for sex. Thus it occurred to you to have sex anywhere. Yet, not all locations can be your witness quickie with your partner.

Before deciding to channel the desire for sex, you should know the safe locations which do not become the center of public attention. Or a place where there are no dangerous objects that interfere with the process of lovemaking.

Here is a list of locations and a bad place to do a quickie, as quoted by The Frisky.
1. On a wheelchair
2. In a pile of mechanical cable
3. Sandy beach
4. River with a cold water
5. Hammock or stairs
6. At the edge of the window
7. Bathroom in the bus
8. Parents bedroom
9. Roof
10. Bed or couch in the front door of your house
11. Parking cars in front of the house of a friend or relative
12. On top of that easily dented goods, such as the hood or trunk of car
13. When the couple was driving a car
14. Above the glass table
15. Emergency stairs
16. A boat
17. In the jacuzzi

Contracted Return Lancome, Julia Roberts was paid 32 million pounds

Giant cosmetics COMPANY, Lancome satisfied cooperate with the beautiful actress Julia Roberts. Because of that, Julia was hired back into the global ambassador for Lancome. Unmitigated, contractual value reached 449 billion. Wow!

Julia Roberts not only wide-screen success as an actress, but also commercials. The proof, the mother of two children managed to get the trust becomes an icon famous cosmetics brands, Lancome.

Thanks to his service makes a successful Lancome, Julia went back to the groom to be a French cosmetics brand icons such. Julia will be signing a cooperation contract with Lancome in January next.

Cooperation contract for five more years would be signed actress 42 years is estimated at 32 million pounds valued at Rp449 billion.

"Julia Robets has been trusted for more than five years," said the man in the Lancome, as reported by the Daily Mail, Sunday (19/09/2010). "He had been instrumental in making Lancome success since he was at the peak of success."

"They have a profit worth 64 million pounds worth Rp898 billion since he joined and they are happy with it," he said.

1000 People Attend Conference on World Hacker

Although active in the virtual world arena, but when held get-togethers, hackers still do it off-line in the real world. In fact, the event titled Hactivity 2010 was crowded by about 1000 people.

This event itself was held in Budapest, Hungary on Saturday (09/18/2010) local time for two days. Hopefully, this event is more than just event-kongkow kongkow for its world-class hackers.

But also can be a means of sharing knowledge, information, and train a new stance-stance in the world sphere of internet security systems, computers and networks.

Bruce Scheier, a leading cyber security expert didapuk be an opening ceremony. Other world-class IT activists who helped plunge was Alexander Kornbrust of Oracle, who brought the name Robert Lipovsky ESET, and hackers from the United States Mitch Altman.

Although the title of the congress, but Hacktivity 2010 also provides casual event, namely games. Still, organizers put up a game not far from the action peretasan. Look at the title game provided, 'Hack the Vendor'. Thus dkutip detikINET from AFP, Sunday (09/19/2010).

Spyware Terminator

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