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Learn to be Hacker

Hackers with expertise can view & fix weaknesses in the computer software; normally then published openly on the Internet for the system to become better. Unfortunately, few people take malicious use the information to the crime - they are usually called crackers. Basically the world of hackers and crackers are no different from the art world, here we are talking art Internet network security.
I hope the science of network security in this paper is used for good things - there was not the Cracker Hacker. Do not until you got karma for using science to damage the property of others. Moreover, at this point will need hackers are increasing rapidly in Indonesia, with more and more dotcommers who want to IPO in the stock market. Good name and the value of a dotcom could fall even become worthless if the dotcom collapse. In this case, the hackers are expected to be a security consultant for the dotcommers is - because the HR police & security forces Indonesian extremely weak and pathetic in the field of Information Technology & the Internet. What may make cybersquad, private cyberpatrol perhaps necessary for survival in the culture of Indonesian dotcommers on the Internet.
Various Internet network security techniques can be easily obtained on the Internet, among others, in,,, http://,, Some of these techniques in the form of books that the number of its several hundred pages that can be taken free of charge (free). Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about network security can be obtained at, And for the experimenter some script / program that have become available, among others, in, .
For readers who wish to gain knowledge about the network and can be downloaded freely from,, . Some books softcopy form that can grab a free can take from We have to thank especially the Scout team led by I Made Wiryana to this. At this point, I do not really know the existence of an active place of discussion Indonesia discuss these hacking techniques - but it may be some further discussed in the mailing list as & is operated by the Indonesian Linux Users Group (KPLI)
The simplest way to see the weakness of the system is by way of seeking information from various vendors such as # 3b about the vulnerability of the system they have created yourself. In addition, monitoring the various mailing lists on the Internet relating to the security of such networks in the list # 3e.
Front-line described by the Information Security Team, "Techniques Adopted By 'System Crackers' When Attempting To Break Into Corporate or Sensitive Private Networks," A Cracker generally men aged 16-25 years. Based on the statistics of Internet users in Indonesia, then in fact the majority of Internet users in Indonesia is the young kids at this age as well. Indeed this age is the age that is ideal in the draw include the new science of Internet science, it is very regrettable if we did not succeed menginternetkan to the Indonesian school 25 000 s / d in 2002 - as a future cornerstone of Indonesia in the hands of our young kids this.

Well, the young cracker cracking is generally done to improve / use of resources in the network for its own sake. Generally, the cracker is opportunistic. Seeing the weakness of the system with mejalankan scanner program. After gaining root access, a cracker installs a back door (backdoor) and close all existing general weakness.
As we all know, generally the various companies / dotcommers will use the Internet to (1) web hosting of their servers, (2) e-mail communication and (3) provide access to the web / internet to its employees. Internet and Intranet network separation is generally performed using techniques / software firewall and proxy server. Seeing the conditions of use of the above, weaknesses in the system generally can penetrate through the mailserver for example with an external / outside that is used for easy access to the mail out of the company. In addition, by using the agressive-SNMP scanner & programs that forced the SNMP community string can change a router into a bridge (bridge) which can then be used for a stepping stone for entry into the company's internal network (intranet).
To be protected at the time of cracker attacks, techniques cloacking (incognito) is done by jumping from the machine that had previously been in compromised (conquered) via telnet or rsh program. At an intermediary machine that uses Windows attack can be done by jumping from Wingate program. In addition, the jump can be done through a proxy device is configured poorly.
After a successful jump and into other systems, crackers usually do probing of the network and collect the information needed. This is done in several ways, for example (1) use nslookup to run the command 'ls', (2) view the HTML file on your webserver to identify other machines, (3) to see various documents on the FTP server, (4) link themselves to mail server and use the command 'expn', and (5) to finger users on other external machines.
The next step, a cracker will identify the network components that are trusted by whatever system. These network components and server administrators are usually the engine that normally is considered the most secure in the network. Start by checking access & NFS exports are critical to various directories like / usr / bin, / etc and / home. Exploitation of the engine through the weakness of the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), with access to the file / etc / hosts.allow.

Furthermore cracker should identify the network components are weak and can be conquered. Crackers can use the program in Linux like ADMhack, mscan, nmap and many other small scanner. Programs like 'ps' and 'netstat' on the make trojan (remember the Trojan horse story? In the classic story of ancient greek) to hide the scanning process. For a fairly advanced cracker can use aggressive-SNMP scanning to scan equipment with SNMP.
After the cracker managed to identify the network components are weak and can be conquered, then the cracker will be running courses to conquer the weak daemon program on the server. Program on the server daemon is a program that usually runs in the background (as daemon / demon). Success of the conquest of this daemon program will allow a cracker to gain access as 'root' (the highest in the server administrator).
To eliminate the trace, a cracker usually do clean-up operation 'clean-up' operation by cleaning the various log files. And add the program to enter from the back door 'backdooring'. Changing. Rhosts file in / usr / bin for easy access to a machine in the conquests through rsh & csh.
Furthermore, a cracker can use a machine that has been conquered for his own benefit, eg retrieve sensitive information that should not read; mengcracking another machine by jumping from a machine in the conquered; install the sniffer to see / record the various traffic / communication is passed; even disable the system / network by running the command 'rm-rf / &'. The latter will be extremely fatal because the system will be destroyed at all, especially if all the software in put in the hard disk. Process re-install the entire system must be done, will spin if this is done on machines that run mission critical.
Therefore, all routers that run the engine & mission critical should always check the security & the patch by the newer software. Backup is very important especially on machines that run mission critical in order to be saved from the act of a cracker that disable the system with 'rm-rf / &'.
For those of us who wrestle daily on the Internet usually it will greatly appreciate the presence of the hacker (not cracker). Because hackers thanks to the Internet is there and can we enjoy today, even kept in repair for a better system. Correct weaknesses in the system because intelligence colleagues hackers who often do repairs TSB. voluntarily because of his hobby. Moreover, it is often the result of hacking at the spread freely on the Internet for the purposes of the Internet community. A mutual cultural values & Noble actually growing on the Internet virtual world that usually seems futuristic and far from the social sense.
Development of the hobbiest hackers has become critical to the sustainability / survival in the vehicle dotcommers Indonesian Internet. As one of fact, in the near future God willing, around mid-April 2001 will be held hacking competition on the Internet for breaking into a server that has been determined beforehand. Hacking competition is led by the young Indonesian Linux Users Group (KPLI) Semarang who moved the young people like Kresno Aji (, Agus Hartanto ( & Lekso Budi Handoko ( Like most other young children, they are generally capitalized, insufficient - support & sponsorship of course be very useful and anticipated by this young fellow.
Hopefully this will all add to the spirit of readers, especially young readers, to move in the world of exciting and challenging hackers. If Captain Jean Luc Picard said in the film StarTrek Next Generation, "Nowhere To boldly go no one has gone before".

Windows Se7en Transformation Pack 2009

We are not going to get our hands on much anticipated Microsoft Windows 7 anytime soon, but we can enjoy the look and feel now on our Windows XP & Vista system's using the "Windows 7 Desktop Theme", Since not much details about the upcoming OS is available, the theme looks very similar to Windows Vista but provide some nice refreshing changes to the same old look.
Windows Se7en Transformation Pack 2009
-Windows Se7en Visual Style
-Windows Se7en Start Menu
-Windows Se7en Styler TB
-Windows Se7en Pie Dock
-Windows Se7en Wallpapers

Vienna Transformation:
-Vienna Explorer
-Windows 7 Pie Dock


Computer software with Flash Disk Lock

Predator is a tool that can lock your computer when not at the computer, even if your PC's operating system running.

With this tool you can make your USB flash drive into a key that can be used to lock and unlock the PC. So you can keep your computer from the use of other hands.

How to use this simple tool, just by plugging the flash drive into your PC, then run the tool Predator is in your PC, and later be asked to enter the password as the key to operate the PC you. When the tool has been run on your Windows system, when separated () Remove the flash drive of your PC, then use a computer will lock itself, even if Windows is running on the computer. To start the computer normally, just connect the USB flash drive if you use your PC.

With PC security PREDATOR easy to stay, as easy as plug and remove the USB Flash Disk PC! Download

Software Firefox 3.5 Final version

Mozilla has finally released the final version of Firefox 3.5, which is considered the fastest browser. This browser is the most eagerly awaited by loyal users of Firefox.

Firefox 3.5 has several new features than previous versions, with faster and more stable in this version 3.5, Mozilla added features include:

• private browsing, with this feature, you can delete the URL that you visit. This feature can be found on the Tools menu.

• Improved performance and stability with the presence of an update to TraceMonkey JavaScript.

 • Navigation, Location aware, this feature can find a place where you had the Internet estuary.

There are many other features that may make its exploration activities in the virtual world more exciting.
For more new features, visit the official website of Mozilla.
Operating system: Windows all Download


Tired of looking on-screen access to Windows XP for you? This tool lets you change the login screen of Windows XP old with a few clicks.

LogonStudio is a free tool for Windows XP login screen is more interesting. This instrument has 30 beautiful and interesting display, you can use your XP logon screen.

You can also customize the login screen, that is your desire, or you can create your own screen access. Also, you can also download or upload a site login screen, which offers a login screen, for example

For those who use Windows Vista, please download here.

For those who use Windows XP, please download here.

Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus

Avira AntiVir Personal - FREE Antivirus

Basic protection

Protects your computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers. New: Basic Anti-Spyware.

Antivirus talk to me like this because there is a complex and difficult ,.... any size, will not have much memory, hard drive, and about 32.39 MB of active matter can be updated instantly when we are online, or you can manually update pake .... easily, and certainly could InsyaAllah ngamanin PC or laptop ....

Does not need to talk much because you can try for yourself, for free ..... OK, good luck, and this is the download link ...

Antivirus Smadav 2009 (Indonesia will soon be eradicated virus)

Smadav 2009 Rev. 7
In Rev. 7 - this time SmadAV been refined to be much faster and lighter in detecting and securing your computer from virus threats in Indonesia. New features were added such as Smad-Turbo (Scanning 10x faster), Smad-Theme (Changing the color theme), Smad-Ray (Auto flash is very fast scan). This all makes SmadAV become one of the fastest and lightest antivirus world, so SmadAV can still be used on computers with lower specs though.
In Rev. 7 This also adds a database SmadAV introducing new viruses to spread widely in Indonesia. The development of local virus is currently on the wane and not as active as previous months. Maybe it's because SmadAV already widely used computer users in Indonesia. Thus, local virus in Indonesia now live a little longer to get to the extinction.
In addition, many improvements made on the display as a whole in order SmadAV SmadAV increasingly easy and practical use. Here is a full explanation of the new features in SmadAV 2009 Rev 7:

Smad-Turbo (Scanning 10x faster)
Smad-Turbo is one of the fastest antivirus scanning feature in the world that belongs only SmadAV Pro. If with your Free SmadAV takes 20 minutes to scan the entire contents of computer files, using this feature you only need to take about 1-2 minutes to scan the entire contents of the file on your computer. So, Scanning SmadAV Pro 10x faster than SmadAV Smad-Free by using this turbo.
Smad-Theme (Changing color themes)
SmadAV Pro has the ability to change the color theme is green, initially SmadAV become the color of your choice. In the setting of color themes you can find your own color choices for a theme SmadAV. After you change the color theme, the colors of all the display will automatically turn into SmadAV color of your choice.

How to Create a Blog (Making Blog It Easy) Indonesian version

Step 1: List of GoogleRegister yourself on Google
Um .....? Why in Google? He said would make a blog on taught, why even at Google? No one, because to get into blogger, you must have logged in visit You'll get a page as shown below.If you already have a login in Google, you stay logged in, you'll go to Control PanelOh yes, you can select the language, whether Indonesian or English.For this time I think you do not already have a Google login.Click the big arrow that says CREATE YOUR BLOG.So far, very easy and will continue to ease.

First Page

Step 2: List of BlogsComplete Your Registration
After you click the arrow that reads big CREATE YOUR BLOG, it will emerge as the existing form in the image below.This process will create a Google account that you can use on other Google services. If you already have a Google account mungkn from Gmail, Google Groups, or Orkut.A Google account can be used to access all the facilities provided by Google.If you already have a google accout, you can simply log in (go). To login to Google, you must log in using your email address. 
Please complete.
  1. The email address you enter must already exist before. You'll be sent a confirmation to the email. If you use a fake email or email that the new plan will be created, then the registration may fail. You do not need to use email Any email can not.
  2. Complete the other data.
  3. Check "I accept the Terms and Services" as evidence that you agree. BTW you've read?
Once complete, click the arrow that says continue.

Registration Form 1

Registration Form2

Step 3: Create a Blog Choosing a Blog Name and Blog URL
If you are successful, you will be taken to a page as shown below. If it fails? Usually fail because you're wrong word verification. That is reasonable because the word verification is often difficult to read. The patient only, repeat until correct.
I own up to repeat three times.
After you successfully register, you'll be taken to a page like in the picture below. Now you begin to create a blog by filling in your name and address of your blog.
For example, I named the blog with the name Zahidah Hasna. Shhh, do not be suspicious, Hasna was my daughter. I chose the blog address with the address  as alaternatif, can also

If you make a lens to promote your product or affiliate products, so in choosing a name, must contain the name of the product or service that you offer. For example, if you want to sell my ebook, you can choose key words such as motivation, success, positive thinking, and other key words as appropriate.
You also can examine keywords most sought-after people (of course must be related to the product you sell) on https: / / / select / KeywordToolExternal
You can check availability for your chosen blog address. If available you can proceed. If not available, then you have to be creative to find a different name or modify an existing address, for example added abc, xzy, 101, and can also insert yourname.

Blog Making Process

Promotion tips via facebook

Potable water diving. Like other friendships we have formed a friendship rope in the site which is now flourishing new Facebook. But how can we bring the market or with others? Following the advice of bids facebook:

  1. You must have an account at facebook 
  2. Add / invite friends, colleagues, family, etc. as much as possible (without limitation)
  3. If you have their own website, use the news feed facility. Because each of our news updates / new posts from the web will be displayed automatically to fb 
  4. Create a new page on fb then promoted to invite to many people
  5. Create a group which seems to make their own forum, with more and more members of the greater your promotion also viewed
  6. Always updated news and information
  7. Answer / replay every comment that comes to your
  8. Use polite language and not confusing
  9. Use the application that supports the campaign, ex: HTML, ads, etc.
  10. Each follow / join group in order to exchange experiences between, and do not forget to enter your campaign in to post a comment / wall. Need al was concerned for this one thing try not too excessive, because it could be considered SPAM
Do not forget after your campaign through facebook, to support the maximum results, make sure the product, the web, your blog directory is mainly there in the list and the Great List Directory Professional Directory


Below is a free index internat CDMA phone, three operators (you are).
Note: Only one operator is entitled to an opinion.

  1. This advice is valid for a CDMA card (Flexi? ESIA O? O StarOne?). Do not assign for the first time you buy. Create a direct connection to the Internet. Use the default settings aja. Unable to connect if you be free. Often, DC (Disconnect). Good 10-30 minutes. Origin of good signal / DC is rarely complete. DC After many requests and release again.
  2. This feat applies to a card (CDMA Flexi, Esia, or? Or Staron?). Make sure that at least one 5rb impulses. After this connect to the Internet. The trick is, if you want to surf for a long time. Try not to remove because the later can not be deduced. Continue such benefits? 5rb you pay for the free and full access. My performance is off. rightly 5rb what you want?

  3. This card trick is a secret behind Proxy + Port CDMA Fren. Note: Each proxy is Port Yang Beda. Proxy Vietnam, for example, Port: 554 Settingannya way, are involved. Find free proxy port diinternet + googling for some time and then enter the settings of the web browser (Firefox). But I also have been included in the list of Proxy + Port worldwide. Try changing the proxy port + Benar2 to get free and easy. We live match with cards that we use

Create Email With Your Own Domain (

Obviously we've got an email Pingin dong with our own domain name, eg: Nha google now provides the facility to create an email such a way that fairly easily. But unfortunately this time the facility can not be used for are blogs still using domain. This facility is only to have their own domain, eg,. Net. . Org. doamin and other top level. So it was for those who want to, miss domain purchase, I recommend buying at, cheap lho (promosi. .. he .. he ..). Then, the domain pake "" can not? I say "may", but now I discussed with this Pingin domain .com / .net / .org, etc. first. for those who have a domain "" wait for now.Ok let's start the tutorial about how to make their own email.

1. Go to this address: Then you will be directly presented with this form:

3. Fill in your domain name in such form and then click the "Get Started"4. Then will come again to fill fomr data needed, If already filled in click "Continue"5. After that, the menu will appear like this:

6. Click on the link "Activate email".7. After that will come back to this page "Setup Email Delivery", was to set the MX Record. The trick is to fill in data2 km with the MX Record is there. Data like this:

MX Server address Priority

For those who use the DNS settings of the control park that's how: Click the domain you who are in "Domain list". After that option "Type" select who "MX". In the "Mail Domain" kosongi just that column. In the column "Order" fill in data2 "Priority" above. Then in the "mail server" fill in the data "MX Server Address" above and then click the button "All Update". so continue until all the data entered above.
For those who use the DNS settings of the how: go to menu "Domain -> List last 10", then click the "Managed DNS", then click Manage DNS Records. After that, click the "MX Records" then click the "Add MX Record." For the column "Value" select who under (who "Type In A Fully Qualified Domain Name eg. '). Input the data" MX Server address "in the column. Then input the data" Priority "dikolom" MX Priority ". so continue until completed all data entered.8. if already finished click the button "I have completed These Steps." Then the page will appear like this anymore.

9. Actually up here can already completed, to open an email tp km, km alamt need to type a URL like this "". Nha klao eg km Pingin replace it to be like: "" then follow these steps again.
10. Click on the link "Email" will display the page "Email settings"11. Then click the "Change URL", then the page will appear to "Change the URL for email".12. Select who "custom" then click the Continue button.13. After that first DNS km km settings, add "CNAME Records" and enter "mail" in the "Hostname" and insert "" dikolom "Value"14. After that, click the "I have complete These step"
now you can already have an email with the name doamin own blog. For other settings taught myself yes. Ok!

Create a Free Domain Blogspot & Setting for Free Email

Now they have a lot of bloggers who use domain is already a few free email services using Google APS. Owning free domain service, although many also who pays (donation) and the Service Domain Name Service (DNS) that allows domain users can take advantage obtained in accordance with their needs, including e-mail with Options your own domain name, such emailkamu @ domainm. Therefore, follow the road - well below.

Make Your Domain First:

the beginning was to open a URL here). After that, do check to domain which you want to use.

If, after the domain you want available for registration / subscription you do not have an account at (create a new user), but if you can easily get their accounts logged in.

Once you're connected, there is a message that the field has already been registered to you, but if in 48 hours is not automatically created the domain name is abortion.

After you click the setup button and you will go to the page domain settup you, until you leave the first page here is ... Well now you go to google services aps (click here) to create an email with your domain name to Once inside the Google manager APS Pick: I own a domain controller and then type the domain you created earlier column in your domain name with www, then click';Get Started.

After that you will get into the setup page you input the data as requested and click continue ..Then be made to Item 3, at this stage requested user name, you can use e-mail (as administrator) and password entries, then the button you want to accept. Continue on.

Next you will enter the Dashboard page Google Aps for your domain that had been created. This will allow you access through the address
example for a domain become The important thing to do now is setup, and the first is to verify domain ownership. then click on the link domain Verify ownership (see picture below)

Once you enter the page to verify domain ownership. Disne there are two methods you can choose, but for now is to use the domain purposes, here you can select Change your CNAME record (in the options column). Here you can get instructions on how to verify the method. Note the name of the CNAME should refer to the introduction on the page that you leave open earlier. So do not click here to check first and then the copy is not another point and no third. (See picture below)

After that go back to your pages that let this, click no.2 or zone records, then copy it points no.2 (antecedent google APS) into the host plus column. to add your record eg: and transformed into CNAME in column type/pri , Copy Rule 3 points to the column values or input the the column value, then click the add records (see picture below)

Then you into the setup pages on Google Aps that you leave open before, now you can click the Verify button. Then you will return to the Dashboard page and get a notification that is being done checking domain ownership and this could take up to 48 hours. But usually do not take that long, in fact I only take one hour. While waiting, let's move on the next steps that the activation email you. click the link to Activate email on the Service settings in the Dashboard.

On this next page, you will be given instructions to make setup a MX record in the domain settings you have, in this case is in Here you are shown a table containing a list of MX server address and priority values that must be included as an MX record. What you should notice is the order of these priorities have been set by Google, and we are not allowed to change the order of priority of the server. If you must change this value, it should keep the order of priority given.

Before you click the button, go back to domain settings page first. Then in the domain settings page, we will be adding the MX records and priority based on that provided by Google on top. To setiao input record in the same way. For Host, enter your domain name, for example in column Type / Pri select MX and Priority column on Google's content based on the given above, for example 10. For Value enter its MX server address, for example ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. So then you click the Add button Record.

Do the same for other records until completion (see picture below) ...
If you have, go back to Google Aps page and click the button I have completed Steps These then you will be brought back to the Dashboard Google Aps.Furthermore, on dasboard the Service settings, click on Email link. On the next page, click Change URL. On the next page, you can choose to change the address of the email access may be easier for users to remember login to an email address. Here, for example, to access the address made domain If not made, then the address to access only If so, click Continue.
Next you'll be another clue to add a CNAME record to deal with those used in e-mails. Noteworthy is the third and fourth.

Next return to domain settings to add a CNAME record in the same way when you add a CNAME record for the number of verification of domain ownership. domain settings page, enter your email address Host Access, for example By Type / Pri select CNAME and the value should be what Google gives point-four Then click "Add data (see figure below). Aps Back to Google, click on the button that I completed the procedure. The same may also apply to change the address of any other service, Google Aps.
Then try to return to the Dashboard, the service status, which is primarily e-mail. Possibility is currently still updating the site. This process takes time to update, although written about an hour, but could be more. email setup is now complete, awaiting trial use. When the process is complete, you can try to get http://mail. (yourDomain)., and if so, you can be sure not to use it now.


Did not know why when you first saw him I felt there was a challenge to get to know ..... he looks so cool initially but eventually could yield in the words said ....
I've never seen it from the family or descendants of whom? but I see now he's smiling spirit to achieve it ....
Not the Son of the King, not a girl Not Cinderela also special .... but he was so very special to me it seems ........
I thank you for always trying to change my attitude that may still not be mature. But I knew I hope this is my new passion ..... Because You are Special One after my family ..... espessially my mom ..
I Love You so much ........... I hope I can make you smile and never be sad for me ........

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