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Concert N.E.R.D, Decorated with pitch Bra

Bands from the United States, NERD, successfully held a concert in Jakarta on Monday (1/10/2011). Unfortunately, the band had a gig without Chad Hugo who could not attend because of passport problems.

NERD actually had almost come to Indonesia in March of 2009, but canceled on the day of H. Prior to Indonesia, NERD was interrogated by immigration because they do not have the permission of the Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Ministry Malaysia to perform at a Music Festival at Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. This is exactly what makes NERD forced to cancel her concert in Jakarta.

Held on Monday (1/10/2011) night, hip-hop group SOB (Sound Of Beat) and Ran became the band's concert opener NERD For Ran, opening the NERD concert is an opportunity of a lifetime, as expressed in a press confrence Rayi NERD at the Ritz-Carlton, Mega Kuningan.

After SOB and Ran opened the concert that was held at Istora this, the audience getting impatient waiting for the action stage, Pharrell cs. They were screaming every time there's movement on stage. Finally some fireworks out of the front of the stage during the song 'I Want to Jam' is played.

In some songs were heard voices 'tune' which comes from the drum. The additional player misses a few times while looking beat his instrument. But this does not seem too ignored the audience because the action stage, attractive.

After playing seven songs, Pharrell down from the stage and hugged one of his fans are hysterical and could not hold back her tears. The concert eventually continued with 'Hypnotize U', a song produced by Daft Punk.

Apart from entertaining audiences, Pharrell was also very concerned about the fans-fans. He pulled a woman from the front row to go up onto the stage. Pharrell invited the woman onto the stage of course not without reason. Pharrell saw the woman's memorized every song is sung along with Shay Haley and wanted to give a little respect for the woman.

Women who are lucky it could not hide his happiness, he had wept and hugged the frontman for a long time. Even the woman getting a kiss on the cheek that made thousands of other women at the concert jealous.

Finished playing 12 songs, Pharrel and Shay out stage. Viewers are still not satisfied chanted "we want more" to the band that stood since 2001. NERD finally returned to the stage by bringing 'Rock Star', a song which became his first hits.

The concert closed with 'Lap Dance ' is taken from the album 'In Search Of ..', but before the song is played, Pharrell called a fans from behind the stage. Fans are showing off a tattoo that reads dilengannya 'NERD'.

On the sidelines of the last song played, there are unique events which are rare in Indonesia. A female fan threw pink bra onto the stage. Pharrell looks hesitant to take the bra.

Actually the action throwing the bra is not something foreign to Pharrell Williams considering the number of women who hardcore. He had several times experienced this and take the bra against him, for example in the Coke Live Festival in Poland, in August last year. But this time the bra was not taken because they do not want to violate the law in force in Indonesia.

"I want to take it (bra), but I do not want to go to jail," said Pharrell explained.

Before ending the song 'Lap Dance', Pharrell had apologized to his fans because after 10 years of NERD formed, bari this time he could his fans in Indonesia. To make up for 'mistakes' are, Pharrell also took to the barricades and greeted the audience in the front row.

Even without Chad Hugo, the entire concert is promoted by Indonesia Blade is very lively and reap click amazed the audience. In total there are 14 songs played with a duration of about an hour and managed to satisfy his fans in Indonesia.

Guitarist Gone, Aerosmith Pause Studio Entrance

Early 2011 the band Aerosmith plan to start the studio working on new album. Unfortunately up to now they still look for the presence of the guitarist Joe Perry.

"We're having trouble finding Joe. I do not know where he is, but try to go to Los Angeles in late January. I havehave a lot of time there ,"says the vocalist Steven Tyler while talking with Rolling Stone ,told Spinner , Tuesday ( 11 / 1 / 2011).

Steven has managed to collect any other personnel, including the drummer Joey Kramer. Joey is very eager to make old-school album for Aerosmith.

Now Steven was eager to continue Aerosmith. Whereas previously claimed to want to leave from Aerosmith and wanted to try to fill the position of vocals on the band Led Zeppelin.

Several years ago Steve and Joe are planning went into the studio to work on a new album. However, due to internal problems it failed to be realized. Although conflicts happen, Steven claims that he and Joe are brothers forever. Now that time has passed. Steven wanted Joe back.

"I just need to unite them all together and unify them into a band. That's it,"explained Steven.

Length of Rolls-Royce phantom

Already a variety of 'Ghosts' was born from a British manufacturer Rolls-Royce, after Phantom, Ghost, now is the latest concept car that is not less intense, the Rolls-Royce Apparition.

Although only limited to the model, this car if it becomes apparent length will be longer than the Phantom. This car has a display size of almost 7 meters.

Cars Mercy full Pens

For many people, pen marks may be an item that is not valuable. But it turns out this stuff can still be useful as a material to modify a car. As performed by a graphic designer named Costas Schuler a modification of his Mercedes-Benz.

Starting from the hood, bumper, body side, back up to its roof was decorated by the pens of all shapes and colors

GMs Future Cars

Congestion is a frightening specter for users of large urban vehicle. GM also offers a solution with 2 passenger cars through this unique. A concept car that is EN-V on display at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

EN-V, which is a continuation of Networked-Electric Vehicle, is a two-seat electric-powered vehicles are designed to reduce the problem of traffic congestion in urban areas, availability of parking, air quality in the future. This car also claimed to be lower-priced GM

EN-V is a manifestation of a dream for GM vehicles in the future are connected to each other. Personal transport equipment already has advanced features that can make his own parked car and came over to users automatically using sophisticated mobile phone.

Best of the Best 2010

Hamit Altintop was awarded as the best scorer of the world 2010. He makes it to Turkey in Euro 2012 qualifying party on 3 September 2010. On the right he is a goalkeeper that he breached Kazakhstan at that time: Andrei Sidelnikov

Messi has been named FIFA World Player of the Ballon d'Or titled 2010 at the Gala event at Kongresshaus, Zurich, on Tuesday (01/11/2011)

On the back of Jose Mourinho is Silvia Neid, Germany coach who was selected as coach of the world's best female 2010.

This is the team elected 2010. They are Iker Casillas, Maicon, Gerard Pique, Lucio, Cares Puyol, Xavi, Wesley Sneijder, Andres Iniesta, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Villa, Lionel Messi.

Marta, Footballers woman from Brazil, The Best in 2010

Brazilian female soccer player, Marta, re-crowned as the best. He seemed to cry when receiving the award for the fifth time in succession that.

Couple two best footballer the world 2010: Lionel Messi and Marta.

Jose Mourinho has become the best coach in 2010

From the coach, Jose Mourinho to become the best, beat Pep Guardiola and Vicente del Bosque.

World's best player, Lionel Messi, stands next to the world's best coach, Jose Mourinho.

Messi - FIFA World Player of the Ballon d'Or 2010

Lionel Messi re-elected as the best footballer the world. He beat two colleagues in Barcelona, Xavi and Andres Iniesta.

Messi became the sixth player in history to become the world's best player two years in a row. Five previously was Johan Cruyff, 1977-78 Kevin Keegan, Karl-Heinze Rummeniege, and Marcovan Basten .
Messi got 22.65% of total votes from the coaches and captains of national teams, as well as journalists from around the world. Iniesta in second position with 17.36% followed by 16.48% Xavi.
Trophy for the most prestigious awards for these individuals received Messi of FC Barcelona coach, Josep Guardiola.
Messi has been named FIFA World Player of the Ballon d'Or titled 2010 at the Gala event at Kongresshaus, Zurich
Couple two best footballer the world 2010: Lionel Messi and Marta
Lionel Messi and Marta: Best of the Best.

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