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Concert Super Junior vs. Justin Bieber

This year, concert massive stars will color the country music stage. Call it the start of NERD, Ne-Yo, Janet Jackson, Iron Maiden, Bruno Mars, Kitaro, Maroon 5, to Avril Lavigne. But arguably the most 'happening' this year is Justin Bieber and Korean band Super Junior.

Emerging word 'be ' and 'will' concert is only two stars in the Twitter timeline respective promoters, live music fans excited. At once they began to hunt information will be what about the concert, starting from the date, place, and the price of the concert, and most importantly, free tickets that can be obtained.

And proven, whatever the ticket price which is determined by the promoter, their tickets immediately sold out. Like Justin Bieber tickets sold in just 1 hour! While the new Super Junior tickets will be sold 17 April next've hunted thousands of people.

Oops, Lindsay Lohan is thought Lady GaGa!

It seems Lindsay Lohan will not say a single line of his favorite phrase, "You do not know who I am?", this time. The reason, recently, an airport official one recognized him and thought that Lindsay is Lady GaGa!

Lindsay had to swallow a bitter pill that not only embarrassing but also for celebrities caliber himself, when airport officials membedakand confused himself with Lady GaGa. Hmm, what more now because Lindsay appeared in court than on the screen huh?

When landed at JFK, New York, an officer greeted him as Lady GaGa, who makes Lindsay quite angry and write it via Twitter. "What does it mean when an employee # americanairlines say, 'ah! lady gaga!" me at the airport # JFK !!!?? Do I have to show the Born This Way, too? "

Lindsay appearance with blond hair, white coat, scarf and matching orange bag, which is far from a figure who always dressed in quirky GAGA. But this apparently does not necessarily make instantly recognizable figure of Lindsay. Well, less frequently appeared in films!

So Obama's Final Episode Guest on 'Oprah Show'

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama will be a guest on "The Oprah Winfrey Show 'last episode. Both the White House spokesman and a spokesman for 'Oprah Winfrey Show ' has confirmed the truth of the news on Tuesday, April 12, 2011.

According to Aceshowbiz, the last episode of 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' will take place on April 27, 2011 in Chicago, and will be broadcast on May 2, 2011. Obama's presence will be his first appearance on the show as president.

Previously, in 2005 and 2006, Obama has also been a guest at the event. But then, he has not yet become president. Meanwhile, Michelle's also been a guest on Oprah in January 2011 then.

Researcher Horizon Media, Brad Adgate, said that the price of the 30-second ads for the last episode that Oprah has jumped to U.S. $ 1 million.

'The Oprah Winfrey Show' has become the highest-rated talk show for 20 years, and aired in 145 countries around the world. After ending his talk show, Oprah will develop a new television station called OWN (Oprah Winfrey's Network). This television station will present a variety of talk shows and reality shows for 24 hours each day.

Brad Pitt, love the Other Woman?

Brad Pitt is rumored to have a special closeness with the actress Bella Heathcote. Both play a role in the movie 'Cogan's Trade'. Often met on the set makes this artist close second. Reportedly, Angelina Jolie is jealous of the artist.

Jolie upset seeing her life partner closeness with 23-year-old artist. He is rumored to want to accompany Pitt's new movie filming in New Orleans.

But, the news was denied by sources close to Pitt. The source said, Pitt and Heathcote had never even met while acting in the same film. "Indeed he is on film, but there was no scene between them," said the source was quoted as USMagazine, Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Although disputed, the news was not yet subsided. Pitt, who went to New Orleans along with his six children were considered to obscure the news. Pitt is compact with six children. He also invites his children were watching an animated film by director James Marsden, 'Hop'.

As is known, was spied Jolie Pitt filming. He was afraid he was flirting. Unfortunately, good intentions just annoying Jolie Pitt. He spied on Jolie's sultry. Fear Jolie is considered too excessive.

Because annoyed, Pritt 47-year-old, no matter Jolie threatens to leave New Orleans if it is still doing the spying.

During the filming of 'Cogan's Trade' in New Orleans, Jolie was never absent accompany such a handsome man. Jolie apparently wanted to make sure that Pitt, the couple lives, it is not flirting with other women.

Ovi Store Translucent 5 Million Download Day

Stores Nokia, Ovi Store recorded significant growth. The number of downloads on Ovi Store has now reached 5 million times per day and application rates have exceeded 40 thousand units.

Reported by Computerworld and quoted on Wednesday (04/13/2011), the number of applications on Ovi Store increased 8-fold over the past year. It's pretty much when compared with Apple's App Store which has about 350 thousand applications. But Nokia still consider the application store is a success.

"With more than 5 million downloads per day, Ovi Store is very important for Nokia and its customers Symbian, and Nokia will continue to support him to provide the best experience for consumers," said Nokia spokesman.

But in the future, there are questions about the viability Ovi Store serving Symbian-based phones. This is related to cooperation with Microsoft to use Nokia Phone Windows OS 7 on a smartphone.

As we all know, Microsoft also has its own application store, namely the Windows Marketplace. Analysts assess Ovi Store and Windows Marketplace will not stand alone, but may be incorporated when Nokia started selling the handset WP 7 in the next year.

Nokia itself has promised to continue to support Symbian though WP 7 serves as their main OS. Finnish vendor has just released two smart phones based on Symbian, E6 and X7.

'Thousands of Bloggers' Sues AOL IDR 905 Billion

Huffington Post, now part of AOL Inc., entangled in a lawsuit worth USD 105 million (approximately IDR 905 billion). The lawsuit filed on behalf of 9000 bloggers.

Class action lawsuit was filed Jonathan Tasini on the basis of about 9,000 unpaid bloggers who contribute to the Huffington Post.

The lawsuit was filed on Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer, the Huffington Post managers. However, Tasini said the lawsuit was filed because the Huffington Post has purchased AOL for USD 315 million.

For the sake of this lawsuit, Tasini create a site called One of the information displayed in the background there is a lawsuit.

"In the business model (Arianna) Huffington, the economic benefits may only be obtained by him. Someone else apparently hoped would work for free even though they provide added value. Greed and want to win themselves a king, and should not," he said on the site, are quoted on Wednesday (13/04/2011).

According TheRegister, Tasini never done a similar lawsuit in 2005. When the New York Times as a defendant eventually did a deal with freelance workers.

Performing Phone Call to Mind

Just think of the phone number you called, and you are directly connected to that number. This is not a ilusionist scene in the show, but it happened thanks to a recent discovery.

A group of scientists at the University of California, San Diego, United States (U.S.) sebuh develop a system that lets users make phone calls just by thinking about it.

As a new invention, the method is claimed to be quite accurate. The developers are optimistic, this finding could be very useful for people with disabilities or those who require more hands-free function.

Tzyy-Ping who led the research, explains that the system he developed with his team, to track electrical activity in the brain by means of a special headband equipped with electrodes and Bluetooth.

Reported by Mashable and quoted on Wednesday (13/04/2011), users who use a headband that connect to this computer will be shown a series of numbers from 0 to 9 on the screen.

Each digit is thinking blinks and detected by the electrode. Furthermore, Bluetooth will know it as the number to call and forward it to your mobile phone to make calls. "The level of accuracy has reached 70 to 85 percent," claims Ping.

However, this finding is still a prototype and needs further development. But at least, this shows the potential for the development of devices with growing minds based interface. As is known, there is also the invention of computers and wheelchairs are operated by the mind.

Disable Internet Two Countries, 75 of my grandmother, telling stories to the public

Still remember with a grandmother in Georgia who cut off the internet connection in the two countries? The grandmother who identified named Hayastan Shakarian has now been arrested, but the proposed defense that he was innocent.

Shakarian indeed horrendous act, where he cut the fiber optic cable and make thousands of Internet users in Armenia and Georgia fail online. The grandmother also confide that he did not know anything about the internet.

"I do not cut this cable. Physically, I could not do it. I also do not understand whether the Internet was," said the little old lady in tears, as reported by AFP and quoted on Tuesday (04/12/2011).

Shakarian grandmother lived in a poor village in the region Armazi, about 15 km from the capital Tbilisi. He is currently being processed in court and could face 3 years in prison if convicted.

"My mom is innocent. She is crying all the time. He was very scared," said his son, Sergo Shakarian.

However, although pleaded not guilty, Georgia's Interior Ministry to ensure that the grandmother had confessed his actions damaging fiber optic cable. This incident has attracted worldwide attention and much discussed in online forums.

Some parties feel sorry for grandma Shakarian. They suggested that he is not sentenced to remember that old age and ignorance about the effects of it.

But indeed the impact of the act of the grandmother is very significant. Cable company owner, Georgian Railway Telecom, said the damage to make 90% of regular Internet users and corporate customers in Armenia lost access for 12 hours.

Shakira Helps Build School in Colombia

Singer Shakira has a high attention to education in his native country, Colombia. Through his charitable foundation, Barefoot, the singer of 'Hips Do not Lie' is helping to build school buildings.

laid the first stone for the construction of school buildings Cartegena de Indias. The school was established to accommodate the 1500 poor children who want to school.

Laying the first stone was witnessed by the foundation's president, Howard Buffett and the Secretary General of UNASUR, Maria Emma Mejia. The singer is reportedly dating football player Gerard Pique was pleased with the construction of the school.

"We are very pleased to be laying the first brick school building built by the Barefoot Foundation in Cartagena," he said as reported by the Daily Mail on Wednesday (04/13/2011).

"I want to thank so many people, especially the office of mayor because I think this is a very high risk areas. (This area) has been identified as areas with high risk, and is an area that many other governments consider a better thrown in the trash , "he added.

Schools being built in poor neighborhoods Loma del Peye it will provide laboratory facilities in science, technology and audiovisual centers, and sports facilities. The school stands on an area of ​​7500 square meters.

Shakira founded the Barefoot Foundation to help poor children in America. He took time off from 'The Sun Comes Out World Tour' to take part in charity activities.

In early April yesterday, the 34-year-old singer also visited Haiti. Shakira dance with the students in Haiti to celebrate the renovation of historic school there after the hit by the devastating earthquake in 2010.

New Beyonce Single Leaked on Internet

Beyonce's new single leaked Fans who will soon release. Beyonce fans via twitter account, @ Beyoncelite they were open-aperture about his new album.

As reported by NME on Wednesday (02/13/2011) Beyonce's new single is titled 'Girl'. The pieces of her latest single video clip also has begun to spread across the Internet.

Latest video clips of women's full name Beyonce Giselle Knowles was taking place in the Mojave Desert, California. 'Girl' directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously had directed the video clip Buzzworthy 'Bad Romance' and Britney Spears 'Circus'.

Francis describes the newest video clips female dancers who wear 200 juxtaposed with two male dancers. This video clip talks about how the power of women in the eyes of men.

Beyonce will release her new album in June. In the same month, 4 September 1981-born singer will also perform at Glastonbury music festival.

Sensual Sasha Grey Style

American porn star, Sasha Grey will play in the film produced in Indonesia. Here it is sensual style of the star.
Indonesian film industry will again enlivened by a porn star. After Miyabi, Tera Patrick and Sola Aoi, now an American porn star, Sasha Grey.

Adrika Musilkova, Presenter overseas Indonesian Love

Indonesia is one country that is rich in culture and natural. Not a few foreign tourists who come and visit Indonesia every year. They are not just for holidays only, there is also a really intend to learn everything about. One is a Caucasian origin of Slovakia, Adrika Musilkova. He was deeply in love against the cultural diversity of Indonesia.

To the extent that he was willing to leave his homeland to learn the culture of the Slovak Republic of Indonesia. Not only that, the woman born July 25, 1985 was also tried his luck with a foray into the entertainment world to be a presenter.

"I'm glad to be a presenter, because I can enjoy, can walk around Indonesia and can learn a lot too," he said in Indonesian that little haltingly, sometimes interspersed with English to reporters at the office detikhot Rachman Haryanto AFP, Jl. Warung Jati West Raya No. 75, South Jakarta, recently.

Now Adrika, she always called, has lived and lived in Indonesia for approximately 16 months. Pretty face 25-year-Wiri wara often on screen to show 'Learning Indonesia' which aired on Trans TV. In addition, he also hosted 'Travel Diary' that aired at one of local television, Sun TV.

His acting skills can be said to flow away. In their home country, Adrika was never involved in the entertainment world. Only, when he was 19 years old, he had followed the casting for a music program there.

Unfortunately, at that time he was still too young to be entertainers in the country of his birth. Because in Europe, according to him, people who work in the entertainment world mostly aged 24 or 25 years. He also resigned and returned to his activities as a female office workers.

Having set foot in Indonesia, he also had the chance to work and lead an English educational institution based in Yogyakarta. However, it did not go long, because women who have green eyes that have moved and settled in Jakarta.

"First of all in Jakarta, I just sit at home alone, I'm just watching tv, playing internet, cook, just like that every day, I become bored," said the owner of 164 cm height and weighs 49 kg.

Finally, women who like spending it to get news from one agency that is sheltering himself in Jakarta. He began casting and become a star menikuti ad. Some of the advertisements he has starred include beauty products, banks, electronic products, milk and snacks.

After that, he began to enter the world of television presenters 'Travel Diary' and 'Learning to Indonesia'. Women who fear the forest was "very happy to know the richness of Indonesian culture that he had never seen before in other countries.

"I like the culture, because culture between Kalimantan, Sulawesi, Bangka Belitung, Sumatra, Java and the Thousand Islands, it's different all. I've been to Kilkenny, until now I really love it with traditional clothes. That's wonderful," said women's hair blonde it honestly.

Adrika also claimed to love with the cuisine of Indonesia, especially the cuisine field. Besides, he also likes to pempek typical Palembang, Banjarmasin Soto, Mie Celor, and also Coto Makassar. All the food that he tasted directly in their respective homelands. That is one of pleasure to be a presenter of a travel show.

Adrika deeply wanted to explore the interior of Irian Jaya. Because according to him, the area was still very natural once with diverse cultures that exist. So far, he only heard the stories and see pictures of his friends who had never visited the land of Papua.

"I'd love to Papua, I never see pictures of my friends like once unspoiled. But I do not like the jungle, there is fear of spiders. I'd love to see the conditions there, because many people say beautiful," she said.

Mariah Carey Nude Photos With Husband

Singer Mariah Carey has done twice during pregnancy naked photo session for the magazine. If the first one he did himself, for the second photo session, Mariah asked her husband.

In a photo session with OK! Magazine, 42-year-old singer had posed nude, holding his stomach is enlarged. While her husband, Nick Cannon was standing behind him, closing the chest Mariah.

Originally, Nick and Mariah did intend to put pictures in their homes. But, Nick confessed uneasy with the response of the child when you grow up about the photo.

"My children will see the photos later, will certainly strange," said show host 'America's Got Talent' while bringing his radio show, 'Rollin' with Nick Cannon 'some time ago.

In addition, Nick also did not want the photos were bad impact. Nick did not want two twins so ridicule of his friends if they saw the photo.

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Love End?

Rumors surprising coming from a singer who was loved by teenage girls worldwide, JustinBieber . Chanter 'Baby' is rumored breakup with actress Selena Gomez. Really?

As reported by U.S. magazine, on Tuesday (12/04/2011) Selena decided to break briefly from his love relationship with Justin. But according to other sources, Disney actress was immediately decided to Justin because he was caught speedy way to send a message to Jasmine Villegas.

Jasmine is a model of one of Justin's video clip. 17-year-old singer had been caught on camera being kissed Jasmine in the back of a car in Canada.

"Selena heartbreak. He asked for an explanation Justin, he was initially evasive but then admitted it. Selena says that her love relationship has ended," said a source close to both the National Enquirer.

However, Selena still want to be friends with the singer who initially were popular through YouTube. During this time, Justin Bieber was never admit that he was dating Selena.

But both are often caught on camera while making out. When the Christmas holidays and New Year yesterday, Selena is two years older than Justin was seen kissing lips on a yacht in the Caribbean island.

New Faces Website Twitter

Twitter has launched the latest version of its homepage. Look cleaner, simpler, by eliminating a number of sections on the front page, such as See Who's Here, Top Tweets, and Discover Twitter.

These measures succeeded in making the front page of the website Twitter more fresh. It is also expected to attract the attention of new users of Twitter. What has changed from website Twitter?

The most felt was the color scheme has changed from traditional shades of light blue to blue metallic chrome. Thus, the impression of hi-tech becomes more pronounced. There are users who say the color resembles the up, but we think Twitter does not mean that.

Despite having to sacrifice features and Trending Topics Top Tweets, Twitter just create a simple bar at the bottom of the homepage which presents the world's most popular user avatars.

In addition, there are minor changes that focus more on the user interface. For example, the tabulation of previous searches in addition to Twitter logo moved to the bottom of the bottom.

But the biggest change lies in the new user registration mechanism. Yes, new users no longer need to click the 'Sign Up ' to open the registration page. Now, new users can directly register at the front page of Twitter. Condition, just have one e-mail address is active.

If you have not been able to enjoy the new website Twitter, do not panic first. Because, the new look is not in force in Indonesia and the new seem to be enjoyed in certain countries only. The possibility of a new micro-blogging sites celebrating the fifth anniversary of that year still want to listen to feedback from its users in the U.S. first

Prince William's Engagement Photos Released

Prince William's Engagement Photos Released

Ariel Peterpan Vs Arul Peterband

Recently Charly ST 12 to pick up a band called Peterband. Not only that, the vocalist Peterband named Arul also claimed to be similar to the lover Luna Maya, Ariel 'Peterpan'.

Sensual Style Tamara Ciciel

Tamara Ciciel emerging artists eager to create a sexy and sensual images that exist in him. With a swathe of green tanktop and hot pants, she posed for detikhot.

Sola Aoi (Sora Aoi) play a movie in Indonesia

Japanese star AV Sola Aoi admitted impressed with the natural beauty of Indonesia. Sola who is now 27-year-old was hoping to vacation in Bali and several other places in the country.

To detikhot, Sola better known by the name of Sora Aoi admitted that he had several times visited Indonesia. However, Sola here just to work.

"I really can puree pingin holiday to Bali. A few months ago I was there but to work," said movie stars 'Sister shampoo 2' it.

During their stay in the set, Sola also feel comfortable working with people of Indonesia. He said that Indonesian people are very friendly and caring.

"They really concern me, " he said.

Women born in Tokyo 11 November 1983 it was said they were proud to appear in the film Indonesia. In the movie which will release on 21 April next, the Sola collided acting with Ricky Harun.

Julia Perez So Sexy Biker

Currently, Julia Perez is ready to explore the automotive business. For advertising products, Jupe was posing sexy biker style.

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