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Bring 15 New Song, Green Day Fans Surprised Create

Fans of Green Day will be a surprise, singing 15 songs from his new Tiki Bar Piacenza in 1700, Costa Mesa, Calif., Thursday, August 11th yesterday.

This sunghuh punk rock band surprised the audience by playing all the songs in a material never before heard. Ozzy Osbourne also brought song called goodbye to Romance.Band formed in 1989, then played them during the song still hits like Welcome To Paradise, minorities, and others.

Reported by NME, on Tuesday (08/16/2011). Billy Joe Armstrong et al opened the concert with the nuclear family, and Carpe Diem seranade 8th Avenue, then continues in another 12 new songs.

Billie had told fans in California are beginning to enter the studio working on new material. But the frontman of Green Day has also explained that they have a lot of new songs they want to include a new album. Of course, the process record for a long time.

Some new songs by Green Day is the nuclear family, Stay Night, Too Young To Die, Oh Love, Carpe Diem, crushing Bastards, named Little Boy Train, Trouble Maker, Sweet 16, Wow, that is strong, 8th Avenue Serenade, Ashley, Gabriella, Wild One, and it's time to fuck,

The last time Green Day has released an album 21st Century Breakdown "in 2009 and this year it was released a live album called" Awesome As Fuck ".

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