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Pasha 'Ungu', The Delia Husband So Impatient

Pasha's 'Ungu' wedding day and Delia Wilhelmina closer.When fitting clothes melakoni pengantinya, Pasha also claim the more impatient to get married with her lover.

"excited, curious, pingin quickly, but the conditions have to be patient," Pasha said when met at a boutique owned by FerrySunarto Jl.Ciniru VI No.15, South Jakarta, Thursday(03/17/2011) afternoon.

Because secluded, Pasha admitted that he had three weeks to meet with Delia. Just today, the Pasha could meet with womenfrom Bandung.

"Yeah, it's just met. It is no coincidence he's been working soAdel (close calls Delia) himself decided to go to Bandungbecause had there been no activity in Jakarta,"said Pasha.

So even with Delia, he was deeply missed by Okie Agustina'sformer husband. "It's been three weeks do not see a clear missfor sure. Now I can meet, thanks to a little relieved," said Delia.

Although the wedding day nears, Pasha did not reduce its activity with Purple. Pasha just ask for a holiday two days beforethe day of H. The plan, the couple will marry on 26 March.

"I myself happen to people not too happy holiday ya. So as much as possible take advantage of the moment. Hopefully with timethat mepet could produce something good,"said Pasha.

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