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Samsung TV Can Send to Mobile Content Visual

Samsung this week announced the two newest television products that allow transfer of visual content from a TV screen to a smartphone or tablet Samsung.

Two TV series called D7000 and D8000 is entered in a row of smart TV product that features Samsung's extra features. With these additional features, images, video feeds, photos, Blu-ray, DVD, even directly on a TV broadcast can be presented to the user's smartphones and tablets.

Actually, this excess was notified Samsung at International Consumer Electronics Show 2011 in Las Vegas some time ago, but did not confirm it clearly.

This time, Samsung explained that to smartphones, these additional features can only work on smartphones latest Galaxy. "The old version of the Galaxy can not use this feature,"said Samsung spokesman as quoted from the Telegraph, Friday (02/25/2011).

Added Samsung, Galaxy and Galaxy Tab 10.1 SII are two devices that could utilize this feature and high-resolution video menstreaming because both are armed by the dual-core processor. While the previous Galaxy are still using single-core processors can not.

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