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Twitter Account Name List of Indonesian National Team Players

Irfan Bachdim with IrfanBachdim10.

Name increasingly popular national team after a successful buckling Philippines. On Twitter too, their accounts continue to search. This is a list of national team players who use Twitter.

In a Twitter account owned by Bambang Pamungkas, Bepe20, man born in Semarang, June 10, 1980 mentions nine national team colleague in Twitter account. Namely Markus Harison with Markusharison account, Irfan Bachdim with IrfanBachdim10.

Then Arif Suyono with arifsuyono, Ahmad Bustomi with Bustomi_19, Hamka Hamzah with Hamkahamzah23 and Yongki Ariwibowo with yongki_ari.

In addition, there is also Johan Juansyah with juansyah_19. Bambang Pamungkas also briefly mentions ridwan_eng and m_roby16 Twitter account. Unfortunately, the second Twitter account can not be opened.

Of these ten national team players, Irfan Bachdim still champion because it has the most followers, that is 223,491 people. While Mark Harison, national team goalkeeper who has just married to the artist Kiki Amalia, only has 30,340 followers.

Account Arif Suyono also not have many followers, only 19 787. Hamkah Hamza also only has 8195 followers. In addition, Yong Ari with 4941 followers and fans Juansyah numbered 1633.

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