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KARA & SNSD: Group Vocal Bestsellers in Japan in 2010

Two South Korean vocal group KARA and SNSD reap achievements in Japan. Both were crowned as the biggest-selling vocal group in 2010.

KARA and SNSD are listed in the order of one and two lists '43rd Oricon Rankings Annual 2010 '. Oricon is a company that supplies statistics and information about music and the industry in Japan.

Kpop Live Launched on Tuesday (21/12/2010) KARA successfully mencatata income of U.S. $ 15.4 million or around Rp 139 billion a year in Japan. While SNSD digawangi 9 beautiful woman that managed to reap a number of U.S. $ 10.3 million or approximately USD 93 billion.

KARA which consists of five women made its debut in Japan last August with her nuanced dance remake song, 'Mister'. The song 'Jumping' wrapped in the Japanese language makes KARA increasingly recognized in countries such Sakura.

SNSD began his career in Japan in September last with a single 'Genie'. By showing off beautiful legs and dance a charming, direct SNSD anesthetize the Japanese music market.

The third position is occupied Weaver Oricon survey results, piano rock band from Japan. These data are calculated from the end of last year to 20 December 2010. Sales are calculated is single, album, DVD also blu-ray disc of the artist.


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