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Selection of universal queen, Miss Universe is always so interesting spectacle each year. Rows of beautiful women from various countries with a variety of unique and distinctive cause endless admiration. Well, of the many who diligently participate, there are some countries that subscribed champion. One representative of Asia, India.

Yes, Indian women are known to have the distinctive beauty. Not too surprising because since before this country Aishwarya Rai puya natural beauty secrets always maintained continuity. They are proud to practice and not easily tempted modern cosmetic products made overseas. Hmmm, curious? Here are some secret tips that you can apply everyday in order to realize a la natural beauty of Indian women. Good luck.

Cold Water For Awet Makeup
Face is oily, hot and dirty air makes many women reluctant daub makeup. "Especially if a traffic jam. Not until the destination location, makeup fade trigger, "said Lusiana (22), a student at private universities in Jakarta. Then how to make long lasting makeup? The recipe is simple. After applying foundation evenly, supercooled water splash all over the face to the neck - remember, do not miss the neck because it might look lame face makeup because of neck faded first. After that, drain and continue to use the powder and other makeup series.

Night Creams Make Cocoa Powder Ageless Skin
You'll often hear a variety of natural ingredients to prevent premature aging are present in the form of moisturizers or lotions. In the secret beauty of Indian women, they entrusted the ageless skin care cream night with cocoa powder or cocoa. Caffeine-containing powder was potent as a stimulus for skin work more productively and not easily wrinkled. Night cream you can make with ingredients 2 tablespoons almond oil, 2 tablespoons of lanolin, 1 teaspoon cocoa powder, and 2 teaspoons rose water or rose water. The trick, mix first three ingredients mentioned in a bowl. Heat to put it in a pot containing water until melted so soft cream. Stir using a wooden spoon (do not be made from metals such as iron or stainless steel because it will react badly to the mixed material). Once melted, let cool while pouring rose water. Put in a plastic container and put into refrigerator for routine use every night.

Eliminate Bag Black Eyes With Mint Leaves and Honey
Women today are identical with a myriad of career women who berkegiatan. As a result, the break is very limited. Sleep time is reduced drastically. In effect, the face looks dull and not fresh. Circle the eyes were blackened and pockets kinds of pandas. Well, for this one solution is not less easy to try. Five sheets of mashed mint leaves with enough water. Combine almond oil and half a teaspoon of honey. Stir until blended and spread little by little under the eyes every time before going to sleep.

Dandruff-Free Egg Yolk Thanks
Effect of dirty air is not only dull faces. Dirt and dust can settle in the head and cause dandruff nest. If all this variety of shampoo can not remove completely, try recipes Indian woman by mixing four tablespoons of rosemary infusion and one egg yolk. Apply and massage gently in the area of the scalp before shampooing. Add olive oil to warm to the more perfect.

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