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Nearly Half of Indian Women Married Before 18 Years

Almost half of Indian women married before they reach the age of 18. Thus the results of the study quoted a local newspaper, Times of India, in its electronic edition on Wednesday (11 / 3).

Attachments are citing a joint study of Indian-American in the international medical journal, Lancet, Tuesday, that after examining 11,807 Indian women, the researchers found that 44.5 percent of them were married before the age of 18.

Although India passed legislation prohibiting the marriage of minors in 1929, the social disease that never subside after 80 years.

The researcher, who came from Boston University School of Public Health, said the economic and educational reform in India has failed to reduce the prevalence of children under the age of marriage so that sparked the risk of many unwanted pregnancies, abortion, and sterilization.

The study also found that among women who were surveyed, as many as 22.6 percent married before the age of 16 years, while 2.6 percent married before they reach the age of 13 years.


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