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TIPS avoid Acne

For those of you who want to become a model, the main requirement is to have clean and smooth face. certainly free from acne. Despite the problems of acne, has been a problem since classical antiquity, but it seems nonetheless diperbicangkan acne. And always wanted to find a solution. Here are some tips to avoid acne, heal and get rid of pimples that we can in some internet articles. Here are some tips you can use to heal and eliminate acne scars:

1. To avoid acne should, adolescents, frequently clean your face using clean water, because more teenagers face contain oil which if not cleaned it will clog the pores of the face and eventually cause timbunya acne.

2.Hindari dirt or pollution obtained during driving. Misalanya when riding a motorcycle. Try as much as possible do not get the fumes Wear veils or cover the face while riding a motorcycle.

3.Hindari fatty and spicy foods. Similarly with thoughts that are too forced to think beyond the ability to cause stress. Because, supposedly the main cause of acne stress for young girls.

4.Selalu consider eating habits, and food consumed. If there are allergies, such as those caused by fatty foods or eggs, which usually cause acne, try to immediately avoid these foods.

5. So to avoid acne, points 1-4 seem to be quite helpful. But what about when the brothers attacked by acne. But avoid the squeeze pimples. For this is the main reason that makes full face acne scars spots. For those who have problems with black spot on the face, can read the article about Tips Eliminate flex in the face

6.Untuk avoid acne besides the points earlier, preferably, a teenage girl, teenage girls or young men exercise diligent. Why ...? Due to the sports body temperature will heat up, and body temperature that this heat will open the pores of the body and face so that it can more easily remove the dirt in the pores of the face. That will ultimately mengihindarkan younger siblings from acne problems.

7.Sebelum bath wash the face use warm water and rinse. However, REMEMBER, do not use hot water. Hot water can break pori2x face. Neither a way of cleaning the rough on the part of the contents of acne. Should idrawat with smooth, with a warm damp cloth. So it does not cause acne scars or pockmarks on the face eventually menyebabkabn.

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