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'iPhone' Chocolate Flavor much demand

Apple fans are not satisfied can only work especial iPhone can visit Japan. Because the State Sakura, there is the iPhone a delicious and edible.

A cake shop called Green Gables in Tokushima have creative ideas to contribute to the popularity of the iPhone. They make a chocolate biscuit with a shape very similar to the iPhone.

Look, this cake is designed in such a way that resembles the iPhone, complete with menus on the screen. Not unexpectedly, these food-selling consumer demand.

Is Kumiko Kudo, owner of Green Gables who memprakarasai iPhone cake in 2008. Its uniqueness makes the existence of the iPhone pie spread by word of mouth and also via Twitter.

"It was shocking to see this big reaction. Formerly, this cake is made only to comply with my orders and I do not plan to receive other orders," said Kumiko.

Some time ago, Kumiko even had time to show off his pride that the president biscuits Softbank, the Japanese carrier market the iPhone. The president, Masayoshi Son, was surprised to see it.

Want to enjoy it? Be prepared to spend quite deep. ICookie nicknamed Cake is sold USD 33. Even then, consumers must be booked in advance to be made.

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