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iPad Wrapped Wood and logo Gold

iPad be regarded as a fairly sophisticated gadgets. But for those who want more, IPAD standard version is not enough. Need a special cover and gold decorations to make it more graceful.

This is what want presented Gresso Design Studio in Apple's tablet PC. Russia-based company makes the cover of a special wood that makes it look more classy iPad.

Wood could not arbitrarily chosen. Ie using a well-known African black wood strong and durable. As for jewelry, 18 carat gold material selected to make the Apple logo on the back of this gadget.

iPad is indeed special tailor-made for New Year celebrations. Where is intended to reward or those who like to be a collector of luxury goods.

Unfortunately, Gresso still do not want to reveal how much the selling price of this timber iPad. But seen material that crowded, easy to guess, needed extra funds to redeem it.

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