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Win Indonesia , Malaysia Winner

Indonesian national team beat Malaysia 2-1 in the final second-leg party AFF Cup 2010. But it still makes Malaysia aggregate advantage out a champion.

In the second leg party AFF Cup 2010, Wednesday (29/12/2010) night WIB, Indonesia waste the opportunity for superior first after Firman Utina failed menceploskan ball of white dots in the early minutes of the fight.

Malaysia then winning first through Safee Sali in the second half. Mohammad Nasuha evened the score before the kick M. Ridwan goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi break after the first defender of Malaysia.

With a 2-1 victory at the Bung Karno Stadium, Indonesia in the end did not succeed because the lost aggregate champion 2-4 of Malaysia who won 3-0 on leg I.

Road game

Indonesia inadvertence in the left sector back on the minutes the two front players was almost exploited Malaysia. Fortunately for Indonesia, Firman Utina still could steal the ball.

A minute ago, an Indonesian business foundered after the ball hit the bait Word too swift pace and could not be pursued Arif. Bait far back directed to Arif although Malaysia was still able to secure the keeper the round leather.

At minute six, M. Nasuha successful cross rolled into the face of goal. But again goalkeeper Khairul Fahmi still spry catch the ball.

Cooperation Arif and Irfan Bachdim ended with a cross into the face of goal on nine minutes can still be deducted M. Fadhli.

Violations at minute 11 after Irfan dropped beberaoa yards outside the penalty box. Word of the short take and pass the M. Ridwan is easily missed the ball.

Irfan! Ball leads to Irfan on the face of goal in minute 16. But he was less sprightly forward so the ball easily secured Khairul Fahmi.

Penalty for Indonesia in 17 minutes! The referee pointed to the white point after the F Sabre touch the ball with his hand. Sabre also be a yellow card.

Word of progress so executioners and shot to the right with easily readable by the goalie! Unfortunately, wasted a golden opportunity for Indonesia.

Mark was forced to save the goal of kicking Ashari at minute 21. Crisis later born but do not deliver anything.

Cristian Gonzalez welcomed the successful results of a cross with the ball at the far post header on 24 minutes. But still combing the skin round the side of the goal. Gonzales managed to gore the ball back in front of goal, although once again the ball not meet the target.

M. Ridwan ran to meet the ball on the left side and successfully penetrate the defense of Malaysia without escort. But then kick the ball successfully cut Fahmi.

Again, wasted a golden opportunity on 29 minutes. From a breakthrough bait, Ridwan cleverly got a gap in the defense of Malaysia. But he was too old to take a decision so that the ball back in the hands of goalkeeper stranded.

Three minutes into the break with Indonesia and Malaysia still continues to divide the score 0-0. Gonzales's latest opportunities generated by kicking her hard in the penalty box while the direction is still soaring.

In the middle of Indonesia's efforts to attack, Malaysia launched a successful counter-attack due to the error shift gears Maman. With a quick counter-attack, Mohd Safee Sali managed to break Mark's goal at minute 53.

Substitution of players conducted by Alfred Riedl few minutes later. Eka Ramdani replace Word and Bambang Pamungkas replace Irfan.

Malaysia turns to do a substitution on 61 minutes. Amar Rohidan midfielder who replaced defender Razman Roslan. Malaysia seemed quite satisfied with the current score.

Made the last turn of Indonesia in the 70th minute after Arif injury. Tony Sucipto entrance.

Not long ago, Indonesia scored a goal! Bustomi fired hard that can still Nasuha menceploskan by goalkeeper before the ball rebounds. Score 1-1.

Malaysia designing counterattack. From the left side of the ball rolled into the middle and Ashari then fired a shot from outside the penalty box is still wide in the side of the goal of Mark.

At minute 76 Bepe fired a shot along the ground from outside the penalty box. But the direction is still appropriate to the goalkeeper Idris.

Goool! Indonesia turned to lead 2-1 after a hard kick on the head of defender Ridwan Malaysia and menceplos entrance.

Bepe! He delivered a free kick from outside the penalty box by goalkeeper painstakingly Malaysia. A score of 2-1 did not change until the final whistle sounded.

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