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Google's Android Name Wins Lawsuit

Fight battles on behalf of copyright eventually won by Google Android. Court judge sided with Google in handling a lawsuit filed by a man named Erich Specht.

Specht is an entrepreneur from Illinois, USA. He sued the name Android as it is considered the same as the name of his company, Android Data. Android company data is received copyright protection in 2002, but in the same year the company disbanded.

Well, the dissolution of Android Data is what makes a judge decide their copyrights in the name Android Data have been ignored. The case was eventually halted by the victory of Google.

the court also decided to cancel the copyright Specht on Android. For fear it would avoid confusion with Google's Android OS.

In a statement, Google representatives were satisfied the case was discontinued because from the beginning, the basic claim is weak. Google also free from the threat of compensation of USD 94 million in a lawsuit that demanded Specht.

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