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Hackers Attack Website Vietnam Malaysia also

Indonesia apparently not just hackers who attacked the site of Malaysia. Virtual dedemit from Vietnam also participated in a similar action as a form of disappointment over the defeat of his national team Malayan tiger team.

Internet and networking practitioners, Nasrun Irvan said, the action is happening deface three-quarter money with what the Indonesian hackers. Namely on the basis of impingement sense of disappointment because the team fell in the fight pride AFF Cup 2010.

"Hackers are disillusioned Vietnam also hacked web Malaysia," he said.

Indeed, the site of Malaysia who became a hacker break-ins targeting Vietnam is not as much as was done hackers Indonesia. According to the identification Irvan, one of which is the site located at

The site faces made it, actors who named himself as Mr. Kubin insertion of a skull image. Then at the bottom of the site contained a message that uses Vietnamese language reading "Ban chi la mot thoy chu ga:)".

Previously, the collapse of the national team at home to Malaysia in AFF Cup final first leg 2010 also left its own resentment among hackers for the country. Impact, Malaysia became the site of fire.

Some of them are Sony Music Malaysia, efurniture sites, food, beverage, and a few others. "Because of Indonesia defeated opponent Malaysia, Indonesia Hackers attacked the Web Sony Music Malaysia and several other web,"said Irvan.

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