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'Bambang Pamungkas cs' Malaysia Expansion Sites

The number of sites that fall victim Malaysia dedemit cyber attack Indonesia increases. This time, the actors display an image of Garuda troops led Bambang Pamungkas to expand the number of sites of Malaysia.

From the report obtained detikINET, there are about 11 sites that this time Malaysia became the target of attacks. Actors calling themselves 'Black Hat Indonesia'.

"Indonesia never despair | Malaysia won for Cheating. We will wait at Bung Karno withMALINGSIAL conquer ,"said the actor in the site's pages are subject to alter.

Action burglary Malaysia site has become a means of dedemit country to complete the sense of upset. Previously, there were about nine sites also become victims of burglary.

The fall of the national team at home to Malaysia in AFF Cup final first leg 2010 plus laser terror of home fans allegedly become the background of this action cyber attacks.

The hackers do not aside from Vietnam are also doing a similar action to vent his frustration because the national team failed to reach the final of AFF Cup 2010 after defeated 'Tiger of Malaya'.

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