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Indonesian National Team Defeated, Malaysia So impingement Site

The fall of Indonesia's national team at home to Malaysia in AFF Cup final first leg in 2010 leaving its own resentment among hackers for the country. Malaysia also became the target site outlet.

According Irvan Nasrun, internet and network practitioners, there are a number of Malaysian sites ending in. my being subjected to Indonesia arrested after firing three goals without reply at the Bukit Jalil Stadium.

Some of them are sites owned by Sony Music Malaysia, efurniture sites, food, beverage, and a few others. "Because of Indonesia defeated opponent Malaysia, Indonesia Hackers attacked theWeb Sony Music Malaysia and several other web," said Irvan.

Condition of Indonesia-Malaysia relations in cyberspace is no different in the real world, often experience ups and downs. Dedemit cyber attack each other between the two countries also often occur on the Internet.

There is not yet known what backlash from hackers Malaysia over this incident. Here are some sites that Malaysia is reported to have become victims of hacker attacks Indonesia:

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