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Toshiba Want to Master the 25% Notebook Market

Toshiba claims its market share in the notebook arena continues to grow from year to year, including in Indonesia. In this year, Japanese companies were able to master the targeting 25% market share in notebook Motherland.
"We continue to experience growth in notebook market share, especially in Indonesia," said Senior Product Marketing Manager for South and Southeast Asia Toshiba Wong Wai Meng, at the launch of two new Toshiba notebook at a cafe Immigrant, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (07/06/2010 ).
Wong said the current Toshiba notebook market share in Indonesia reached 17%. Toshiba hopes, at the end of 2010 their market share in the notebook realm of Soil Water can reach 25%. Added to him, currently ranks third in Toshiba notebook market of Indonesia.
This Senior Manager Distributor diamini Bussiness South and Southeast Asia Toshiba Glen Batchelor as he mentions, Toshiba notebook showed very good growth from year to year.
"The average growth of Toshiba's notebook market share of 80% per year," the lid.

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