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2 Screen Toshiba Notebook Mini Landed in Indonesia

Once introduced last month, w100 Toshiba Libretto mini-notebook certainly present in Indonesia. Toshiba claims that its latest gagdet as the first notebook with two screens.
Coinciding with the celebration of 25 years progress in the realm of Toshiba notebooks, a Japanese technology company that launched the Libretto w100 for consumers in the country.
"We are committed to bringing innovative products, lighter, thinner and competitive prices. Libretto tiny w100 is unique because it has two screens. Its function is not merely as an ebook but a multifunctional PC," said Senior Manager Business PC Group at the launch of Toshiba Libretto Taro Hiyama Immigrant w100 in the cafe, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Tuesday (06/07/2010).
Libretto w100 has a form very tiny. The two 7-inch screen size and very light and easy to carry anywhere. 'Brains' Libretto w100 reinforced by the Intel Pentium processor U5400 1.2 GHz, while the capacity of 2 GB of memory. Consumers have the option of a capacity of 320 GB hard drive or solid state disk of 62 GB.
In addition w100 Libretto, in the same event also launched a Toshiba notebook with 13-inch screen called the Portege R700. This notebook is claimed to be the thinnest notebook ultraportabel and lightweight with full PC performance.
"The target market of both new products we launched this are those who have a high mobility rate and very aware with the development of technology," said Senior Product Marketing Manager for South and Southeast Asia Toshiba Wong Wai Meng added.
Both Libretto and Portege R700 w100 dibanderol Toshiba costing U.S. $ 1,349 and is immediately available in the market starting September 2010.

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