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Chrome Browser Successfully Slide Position of Safari Browser

For the first time, Chrome Apple Safari managed to shift the position in the United States (U.S.). Data released by research firm StatCounter shows, although only two years old, besutan browser Google is starting to show off.
"This is a good acquisition for Google because the browser is spelled out are new but have been able to get a share of close to 10 percent in the U.S. in just two years," said Chief Executive StatCounter Aodahn Cullen in his report quoted by the AFP and quoted, Tuesday (29 / 6 / 2010).
In the report StatCounter, Chrome percentage in the U.S. browser market share amounted to 8.97 percent, slightly exceeding the Safari which are below with the acquisition of 8.88 percent.
In addition to Chrome and Safari, the number two position is still entrenched Firefox with percentage 28.48 percent. At the top, Microsoft's Internet Explorer still dominate more than half of the U.S. browser market share, which amounted to 52 percent.
When viewed globally, Chrome still not getting the top three but with a slightly larger percentage, ie 9.44 percent.
Since the emergence of Chrome, Google and Apple are involved in the 'war' in the realm of the internet browser. Competition between them is also happening in the mobile arena, where Google's Android and Apple's sponsor iPhonenya.

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