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In Japan, Microsoft Change Name

Japanese market is unique, and therefore not all of the business can succeed in the land west of the Sun. Microsoft is going to change its name in Japan.
But no need to panic, which made the company change the name origin of Redmond, United States, it was not too drastic kok. As quoted from Kotaku, Tuesday (06/07/2010), the name Microsoft in Japan today is 'Microsoft Co. Ltd.'.
Well, starting February 1, 2011, Microsoft will change its name in Japanese is: 'Microsoft Japan Co. Ltd.'. It is similar to the Microsoft name in Indonesia, namely, PT Microsoft Indonesia.
Changes in Japan was conducted in order to make customers know that Microsoft has its roots in Japan. Besides changing the name, Microsoft also will move the headquarters to the area of Shinagawa, Tokyo.
Replace the name by Microsoft along with its operation which had reached a quarter of a century, aka 25 years. In Japan, Microsoft is quite successful selling Windows though it is still difficult to bring his Xbox 360 exceeds the original Japanese players Sony and Nintendo.

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