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Kaspersky Release 2 'Weapons in 2011'

In mid 2010, the Russian antivirus software producers - Kaspersky - issued two 'arms' them, ie, Kaspersky Internet Security 2011 and Kaspersky Antivirus 2011.
One of the newest features of this software is the ability to use the installation disk as a rescue disk products, which contain a variety of facilities for scanning without the need to download the bootable operating system.
"Kaspersky 2011 installation disk now has two functions. One functions as an installation disk, another one as a bootable disk that functions as a rescue disk," said Alex Ng, Product Manager of Kaspersky Lab. South East Asia, in a press conference held at Blacksteer Cafe, FX Mall Jakarta (06/07/2010).
Both antivirus is also said to come up with proactive protection in real-time. With this user claimed unnecessary anxiety again when upgrading manually on a regular basis.
Well, for users of Windows 7, Kaspersky two new products have been utilizing the Windows Gadget that offers quick access to the applications Kaspersky. This desktop gadget also allows a file is scanned with a click, and enables the safe-mode operation run more easily.
For Kaspersky Internet Security 2011, these products provide a useful protection of parental controls to protect children from pornography on the internet. In addition there are surf safe mode which allows the scanning of each Internet connection and automatically block access to malicious sites.
Kaspersky themselves are not willing to mention the official price of the two products. What is clear, when the Indonesian Computer Festival which takes place in mid-July day, users can already have both products.

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