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There is a Virtual Desktop In Kaspersky

Kaspersky since last year has developed technology called Sandbox. Now, the technology is developed further. As a result, a virtual desktop is now present in the product Kaspersky to protect user data.
This technology allows users to run an application or open a site in the virtual browser. So if the user would open a foreign application or site suspected of carrying the malware, just take advantage of this feature alone.
"If you open a foreign site that contains malware is suspected, just use the sandbox. Virtual desktops from Kaspersky will secure your desktop," says Chang Jesmond, Corporate Communications Kaspersky SEA, when found in Blacksteer detikINET Cafe, Jakarta, Tuesday (6 / 7 / 2010).
DetikINET monitoring in the field, using Sandbox is fairly easy. When launching, as Product Manager Alex Ng Kaspersky Lab. South East Asia had time to demonstrate these features. By clicking on the widget Kaspersky icon on the desktop of Windows Vista or Windows 7, the virtual desktop to work immediately.
When dijajal, this feature works on both versions of Kaspersky products, both Internet Security Anti-Virus 2011 or 2011. To run it, users simply click on Kaspersky widgets on the desktop, then select the menu to the left of the safe run. After that, users are given three choices to run the virtual desktop, virtual browser or a virtual keyboard. Fairly simple.

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