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Smartphone with Intel Processors Coming in 2011

Intel sure, a smartphone with an Intel in it rushes off next year. Many are predicting, events, Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in 2011 the chip giant will be utilized to showcase Intel berprosesor smartphone.
"Although Intel has been showing off the chip is codenamed Moorestown, CES 2011 will be a 'window' which is wider for Intel to introduce it," said Intel CTO Justin Rattner.
Quoted from the Telegraph, Tuesday (07/06/2010), Moorestown create a power saving device, especially to increase efficiency when running various applications that require intensive video capability.
Intel has not overtly mention what smartphone that will first use the Moorestown. But most likely, Nokia will be the first handset vendors to use Moorestown as both have been cooperating. Intel also revealed, Moorestown not only be used on smartphones, but also the tablet computer.

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