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'Maradona, Hang in there! "

Argentina failed miserably at the World Cup and Diego Maradona could not do much. But the warm welcome and support given to the Albiceleste fixed and the coach when arriving at home.
After eliminated by Germany with a crushing 0-4 score two days ago, immediately left home to Argentina Buenos Aires. Disappointment swept clear of the players because they are putty in the middle of a good time-good appearance.
Of Maradona became the figure most associated highlighted this disappointing result. Discordant voices that got lost along the improved performance of Maradona appeared again demanding responsibility or resign from office.
But it was the thousands of fans who welcomed the "heroes" were screaming with joy even yells that it supports 'The Hand of God' it.
AFP reported there are some banners that read "Argentina!" or "Diego, Diego", or "Hang in Diego! We Support!"
In fact there were two fans who had clearly stated his favorite coach in the figure of 49 years full-controversial.
"We are very happy. I ask that Diego still survive," says the fans who came in with his son.
"I came from Tucuman and walk as far as 1400 KM to see Diego. I love her very much. We'll win to finish in the Copa America revenge (which will be held in Argentina next year)," said another supporter.
Whatever the expectations of fans, so far no decision has yet from AFA (Argentine Football Federation) regarding the continuation of the fate of Maradona. Although concerned have expressed signaling retreat.

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