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Revenge is not an Event

World Cup semi-final between Germany and Spain is a European final replay in 2008. But the party's prestige is more than just revenge arena Der Panzer told La Furia Roja.
June 29 two years ago in Vienna Fernando Torres scored the sole hope of Germany close to reaching his fourth European trophy. While Spain finally won the title and break the record they always so ugly underachiever team in every tournament.
Now in South Africa and the World Cup fate back to reconcile the two. Germany and Spain should be killing each other for the sake of getting a ticket to the finals in Durban Stadium on Thursday (8 / 7) pm dawn.
The smell of German reprisals were immediately raised by the media and the increasingly heated competition just two favorite teams are. Especially with the performance of Germany is now of course very important role to advance to the final.
Instead of disparaging Spain but their appearance in five laganya deg-degan always made his fans. Although still the dominant show with football foot to foot, but sometimes they are less efficient.
Vicente Del Bosque is rejecting the game tomorrow is the arena of revenge. He thinks too shortsighted if directed to it for the purpose of Germany and Spain are the same, that is playing in the Soccer City Stadium later on July 11.
"I do not think you would be talking about revenge between two great teams. Both teams will be performing all out to advance to the World Cup final," said Del Bosque on Sky Sports.
"They (Germany) shows the change in style of play from a previously looked worn and tiring. They have done a refresher since the European Cup and now they show me the proof," the former coach of Real Madrid's analysis of the information.
"They showed as a very solid team. I do not believe the players will see the past and every athlete is always looking forward," Del Bosque exhaustive.

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