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Nadal expectations for Casillas Cs

After the Wimbledon title in 2010 Rafael Nadal was also devoted to preparing for the Spanish national team. Hope Nadal only one; see Iker Casillas et al raised the World Cup trophy.
It was announced by Nadal after defeating Thomas Berdych in the final at Wimbledon, Sunday (4 / 7) evening hrs. Nadal wants to be able to fly direct to South Africa to witness his colleagues competed in the semifinals against Germany.
But his knee healing therapy for a fit condition to welcome the U.S. Open tournament and finished the distance of its main priorities to make Nadal should think twice to go there.
"I really want to be there. Football is my favorite sport," Nadal said in the Times of India.
"For me to be there is an honor for me. I'm a big fan of soccer and surely fanatical supporters of our team. I often contracts with the players. I wish the best for them," he continued.
According to Nadal this year is the best opportunity for Vicente Del Bosque care team to win the first world champion title. For Spanish football was in its peak period.
"We won the European Cup in football and now we are in the semi-finals of the World Cup. So this is probably the best moment in the history of our sport," said world number one tennis player.
"It's very difficult to do so. We are years how difficult it is to be like now and enjoy moments like this. Because very difficult for the next generation to repeat what we do now," concluded 23-year-old Nadal's.
There is a link between successful occult Nadal at Wimbledon and the Spanish team. Two years when Nadal won his first title at the tournament, La Furia Roja successfully dominate Europe.
Nadal has now won back a success both in the Wimbledon title. Is Spain will be hit again with a dagger in Nadal's World Cup champion?

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