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Skirts parted, Taylor Swift open Knickers

While we were on stage, suddenly panties Taylor Swift yerlihat due to wind gusts. Slip similar to those mothers Singer.

It seems that Taylor is listed as an artist in disguise. Because Taylor looked like underwear that can be used grandmothers. Pants when Taylor is seen as the moment when Marilyn Monroe famous skirt blowing in the wind during a concert in St. Louis, Saturday, August 13 yesterday.

Aware of this, withdrew slowly from the wind in search of the blue skirt as she continued to sing sings You Belong With Me .. But the mirror is still open, and then smoothed. AceShowbiz It was launched on Tuesday (08/16/2011).

Grammy winner said he was not comfortable showing her body.

"I would not wear skimpy clothes for my life. Do not think I had a photo shoot," he said in an interview with the Daily Telegraph of London in April last.

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