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Paramore: I love Bali

is the second day in Bali Paramore. This special day, they will plan a walk to enjoy the panoramic beauty of Bali.

According to promoter Showmaxx Entertainment, Sham, the band fronted Hayley Williams (vocals), Jeremy Davis (bass), and Taylor York (rhythm guitar) was planned to be around to find various souvenir in Bali.

"They are now hell breaks again. Later they would find the most typical souvenirs from Bali. Because they were really excited at Bali, and baseball want to be left to take advantage of this moment, "Sham said when contacted Legal in Jakarta, Tuesday (08/16/2011).

Owner album 'All We Know is Falling' (2005), 'Riot! "(2007), and "Brand New Eyes' (2009) calls for spare time to the promoter before tomorrow's gig. They want to enjoy the beauty of the island.

"The Hayley said yesterday that if he had really heard about Bali often, so when I got here he wanted to really take advantage of this moment. In fact, the Taylor's right-nyoret nyoret press conference on a piece of paper whose writing 'I Love Bali'. They were really amazed at the sight of Bali, "he said.

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