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Lady GaGa Learning to Surf

Vacationing in Mexico turns out Lady GaGa used to develop other skills that would seem to be a pop singer of this new activity. There are witnesses who saw Lady GaGa busy learning to surf in one of the leading resorts there. And incredibly, it appears that Lady GaGa can learn quickly there is no possibility he could soon dancing on the waves.

"For starters, he can learn to surf quickly," said a source quoted by Contact Music. "At first he studied body-board and gradually was able to stand up - very fast development," continued the same source.

Since the beginning came in the resort Puerto Vallarta, Lady Gaga does look relaxed and seemed to vacation this time was utilized Lady GaGa to relax after he had to work hard to promote her new single.

From the information obtained the same news that Lady GaGa live in a hotel with a rate of about Rp59 million per night. For the cost of learning to surf is Lady GaGa must issue an additional fee of Rp 3, 4 million. Could be the intention of learning to surf is nothing to do with the last video clip that he has made. In the video clip was Lady GaGa appeared as a mermaid.

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