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Lady GaGa So the Mermaid in Clips 'You And I'

Since the
fame, the Little Monster must have seen Lady GaGa with different costumes. But in a music video, GaGa appear to be different with 'him' a new one, a man and a mermaid!

Video clip is actually about to be released Thursday (18 / 8) today, but apparently GaGa impatient and release on Tuesday (16 / 8) afternoon after writing "F *** Thursday (Thursday)," on his Twitter account.

Created in a cornfield in Nebraska, this video shows the various faces of the Mother Monster, including male alter ego, Jo Calderone, as well as his other tangible mermaid, Micro Fiber. "You have to love all and every part of me, as well as I, because of the power complex and incomprehensible," he wrote via Twitter in conjunction with the launch of the video clips that are as unique as Gaga lots of video clips before.

"This video stating that it would be excruciating if you're away from the person you love. I knew I wanted this video describes me run and walk back thousands of miles (from New York City to Nebraska) to get my boyfriend back," says GaGa few moments ago.

"I walk without luggage and whatever. Just me and my ankle was bleeding with grass stuck in my shoe. I'm wearing this costume, very New York, and I ran back to her," he continued.

This song is mentioned as a song dedicated to beloved GaGa, Luc Carl. Some parts of this song, like Nebraska is none other than hometown Carl, also a temple of the song that says that the lover has a bar, just like Carl.

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