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'Thousands of Bloggers' Sues AOL IDR 905 Billion

Huffington Post, now part of AOL Inc., entangled in a lawsuit worth USD 105 million (approximately IDR 905 billion). The lawsuit filed on behalf of 9000 bloggers.

Class action lawsuit was filed Jonathan Tasini on the basis of about 9,000 unpaid bloggers who contribute to the Huffington Post.

The lawsuit was filed on Arianna Huffington and Kenneth Lerer, the Huffington Post managers. However, Tasini said the lawsuit was filed because the Huffington Post has purchased AOL for USD 315 million.

For the sake of this lawsuit, Tasini create a site called One of the information displayed in the background there is a lawsuit.

"In the business model (Arianna) Huffington, the economic benefits may only be obtained by him. Someone else apparently hoped would work for free even though they provide added value. Greed and want to win themselves a king, and should not," he said on the site, are quoted on Wednesday (13/04/2011).

According TheRegister, Tasini never done a similar lawsuit in 2005. When the New York Times as a defendant eventually did a deal with freelance workers.

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