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Oops, Lindsay Lohan is thought Lady GaGa!

It seems Lindsay Lohan will not say a single line of his favorite phrase, "You do not know who I am?", this time. The reason, recently, an airport official one recognized him and thought that Lindsay is Lady GaGa!

Lindsay had to swallow a bitter pill that not only embarrassing but also for celebrities caliber himself, when airport officials membedakand confused himself with Lady GaGa. Hmm, what more now because Lindsay appeared in court than on the screen huh?

When landed at JFK, New York, an officer greeted him as Lady GaGa, who makes Lindsay quite angry and write it via Twitter. "What does it mean when an employee # americanairlines say, 'ah! lady gaga!" me at the airport # JFK !!!?? Do I have to show the Born This Way, too? "

Lindsay appearance with blond hair, white coat, scarf and matching orange bag, which is far from a figure who always dressed in quirky GAGA. But this apparently does not necessarily make instantly recognizable figure of Lindsay. Well, less frequently appeared in films!

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