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Concert Super Junior vs. Justin Bieber

This year, concert massive stars will color the country music stage. Call it the start of NERD, Ne-Yo, Janet Jackson, Iron Maiden, Bruno Mars, Kitaro, Maroon 5, to Avril Lavigne. But arguably the most 'happening' this year is Justin Bieber and Korean band Super Junior.

Emerging word 'be ' and 'will' concert is only two stars in the Twitter timeline respective promoters, live music fans excited. At once they began to hunt information will be what about the concert, starting from the date, place, and the price of the concert, and most importantly, free tickets that can be obtained.

And proven, whatever the ticket price which is determined by the promoter, their tickets immediately sold out. Like Justin Bieber tickets sold in just 1 hour! While the new Super Junior tickets will be sold 17 April next've hunted thousands of people.

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