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New Faces Website Twitter

Twitter has launched the latest version of its homepage. Look cleaner, simpler, by eliminating a number of sections on the front page, such as See Who's Here, Top Tweets, and Discover Twitter.

These measures succeeded in making the front page of the website Twitter more fresh. It is also expected to attract the attention of new users of Twitter. What has changed from website Twitter?

The most felt was the color scheme has changed from traditional shades of light blue to blue metallic chrome. Thus, the impression of hi-tech becomes more pronounced. There are users who say the color resembles the up, but we think Twitter does not mean that.

Despite having to sacrifice features and Trending Topics Top Tweets, Twitter just create a simple bar at the bottom of the homepage which presents the world's most popular user avatars.

In addition, there are minor changes that focus more on the user interface. For example, the tabulation of previous searches in addition to Twitter logo moved to the bottom of the bottom.

But the biggest change lies in the new user registration mechanism. Yes, new users no longer need to click the 'Sign Up ' to open the registration page. Now, new users can directly register at the front page of Twitter. Condition, just have one e-mail address is active.

If you have not been able to enjoy the new website Twitter, do not panic first. Because, the new look is not in force in Indonesia and the new seem to be enjoyed in certain countries only. The possibility of a new micro-blogging sites celebrating the fifth anniversary of that year still want to listen to feedback from its users in the U.S. first

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