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Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Love End?

Rumors surprising coming from a singer who was loved by teenage girls worldwide, JustinBieber . Chanter 'Baby' is rumored breakup with actress Selena Gomez. Really?

As reported by U.S. magazine, on Tuesday (12/04/2011) Selena decided to break briefly from his love relationship with Justin. But according to other sources, Disney actress was immediately decided to Justin because he was caught speedy way to send a message to Jasmine Villegas.

Jasmine is a model of one of Justin's video clip. 17-year-old singer had been caught on camera being kissed Jasmine in the back of a car in Canada.

"Selena heartbreak. He asked for an explanation Justin, he was initially evasive but then admitted it. Selena says that her love relationship has ended," said a source close to both the National Enquirer.

However, Selena still want to be friends with the singer who initially were popular through YouTube. During this time, Justin Bieber was never admit that he was dating Selena.

But both are often caught on camera while making out. When the Christmas holidays and New Year yesterday, Selena is two years older than Justin was seen kissing lips on a yacht in the Caribbean island.

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