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Brad Pitt, love the Other Woman?

Brad Pitt is rumored to have a special closeness with the actress Bella Heathcote. Both play a role in the movie 'Cogan's Trade'. Often met on the set makes this artist close second. Reportedly, Angelina Jolie is jealous of the artist.

Jolie upset seeing her life partner closeness with 23-year-old artist. He is rumored to want to accompany Pitt's new movie filming in New Orleans.

But, the news was denied by sources close to Pitt. The source said, Pitt and Heathcote had never even met while acting in the same film. "Indeed he is on film, but there was no scene between them," said the source was quoted as USMagazine, Wednesday, April 13, 2011.

Although disputed, the news was not yet subsided. Pitt, who went to New Orleans along with his six children were considered to obscure the news. Pitt is compact with six children. He also invites his children were watching an animated film by director James Marsden, 'Hop'.

As is known, was spied Jolie Pitt filming. He was afraid he was flirting. Unfortunately, good intentions just annoying Jolie Pitt. He spied on Jolie's sultry. Fear Jolie is considered too excessive.

Because annoyed, Pritt 47-year-old, no matter Jolie threatens to leave New Orleans if it is still doing the spying.

During the filming of 'Cogan's Trade' in New Orleans, Jolie was never absent accompany such a handsome man. Jolie apparently wanted to make sure that Pitt, the couple lives, it is not flirting with other women.

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