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The World Bank Japan Value of a Strong Nation

The World Bank considers Japan is a nation strong. Thus the World Bank is not too worried about the condition and the recovery of Japan after the earthquake and tsunami.

"We know they are high resilience are recognized nation, the World Bank baseball too worried," This was revealed by World Bank Executive Director Hekinus Manao when met at the headquarters of the Directorate General of Taxation, Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Friday (18/03/2011).

However, the World Bank is ready to assist Japan if needed.

"Certainly anytime the World Bank is ready to back up the Japanese and I could communicate with the executive director of the Japanese and they will prioritize their internal resources but it is also possible assistance, loss is among schemes of cooperation with the World Bank," he said.

Such assistance, continued Hekinus, will be taken from the Trust Fund. Trust Fund is a fund-raising container member countries of the World Bank.

"Some names, such as in Aceh Trust Fund. So members of the World Bank entrusted to create a Trust Fund," he said.

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