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World Bank Improve Infrastructure Partnership Program in Indonesia

The World Bank plans to transfer its partnership program with Indonesia, one of them into the infrastructure sector. Changes in the agreement because Indonesia is considered to be middle income.

World Bank Executive Director Hekinus Manao said last week agreed a new World Bank Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) or the map of cooperation between the Indonesian government with the World Bank emphasis on four things, one infrastructure.

"First of improving the investment climate. Then the construction of basic infrastructure, the World Bank's support to Indonesia related to climate change, and to maintain fiscal stability in Indonesia," he said when met at the Tax Directorate General Headquarters, Jalan Jenderal Gatot Subroto, Jakarta, Friday (18 / 3 / 2011).

Hekinus menila, i the construction of basic infrastructure is becoming one of the points that will be strengthened collaboration between the government and the World Bank. So there is a possibility of cooperation style shifted from being a support of some basic programs that have been conducted such as the School Operational Assistance (BOS), the PNPM Mandiri, and other programs.

"If (the programs) that can be taken over pure state budget, then the pattern of cooperation with the World Bank we are sliding into a more fundamental such as infrastructure and so on. It appears that there is a perception out there," he said.

Hekinus states, on the next occasion he will sit down with the Indonesian government because it was passed in the council (board) director of the World Bank. Therefore, these programs are expected to be effective from 2012.

"When we are also prepared to sit down with the Indonesian government. So it's not coming there and then the bank makes its own world. Just who had the strategy is the WB. So Indonesia is a party that consulted," he said.

Regarding the project objectives, Hekinus CPS said in the book are not explained specifically. But already there are lines of magnitude. For example in the field of transport infrastructure, energy infrastructure, telecommunications infrastructure. Similarly when asked about the pattern of financing these infrastructure projects. Hekinus stated that the current CPS was not until the calculation of the figures because it had just agreed.

"Technical, will be discussed at any time. Because Indonesia has moved from the IDA countries (economically weak country) become a better country, "he said.

Hekinus explain the reason for the shift of these partnerships is indeed a partnership strategy with the World Bank Indonesia was supposed to be updated. In the CPS book that will be a kind of lamp construction to Indonesia has set the current infrastructure development because Indonesia has become a middle income country and the country is no longer a donor recipients who enter the category the International Development Association (IDA). IDA is a country that needs help because its economy is very weak.

"We (Indonesia) have gone up the class into the IBRD. So it continues to be encouraged so that we become a middle income country. Do not let a middle income country but stuck back into IDA," he concluded.

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