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Explanation Purchaser Problem Change Location Attendance at Concerts Bieber

Justin Bieber concert promoter Parties submit responses for presale ticket buyers who were sold on January 22, 2011. Here is an explanation promoter through the release that was sent to detikhot, Friday (18/03/2011).

"We apologize as much as possible has been selling tickets presale class festival in January is now resulting in changes in the allocation of seats. Team promoter already make every effort to accommodate all parties for the continuation of Justin Bieber concert in Jakarta ", said Shanne Harjani, Managing Director Marygops Studio.

"Not true promoters of fraudulent conduct presale tickets to the buyer, the priority is the safety of our ticket buyers and spectators as he had a special request from the management of Justin Bieber. So we hope these issues do not fall for negative or irresponsible talk about this concert. We do not want a highly anticipated concert was canceled as was the case in London
and Australia. We can understand very well, "added Marcel Permadhi, Project Director of Diamond Entertainment.

Alan Solo, President of Asia Sports Development Director further expressed, "We have tried our best to provide the best solution for all parties. Our audiences are prioritizing safety factor and we hope the whole community and the media can also help create a conducive situation for the concert that has awaited this can be done well. "

Raam Punjabi from Multivision added, "The goal of MVP to join the concert of repute, this prestigious and weighted so that the public know that our sincere intention to dedicate this concert and hope this concert can be done well and not experiencing disturbances. Congratulations to enjoy. "

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