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Kobe Bryant So the duo's Jay Chou

If before Jay Chou only popular in Asia is now an opportunity for Taiwan actors go international more wide open. Kobe Bryant is now friends with Jay Chou duet.

Basket Ball Player from the Los Angeles Lakers team that finished colleague Jay Chou in a commercial beverage. Both mutual show of skill to play basketball. Kobe plays basketball skill certainly do not need anymore disanksikan. But basketball is Jay's favorite sport. Stars film 'The Green Hornet' was also once competed in a film about basketball, "Kung Fu Dunk '.

"Kobe like a wall. Sepercaya yourself as possible, I feel anxious (can not do a single shot)," said Jay Chou Xin MSN launched on Friday (25/02/2011).

Of course, Jay's basketball game can not possibly compete with Kobe. But the 32-year-old actor was back then when they sing.

In the ad Jay Chou sings a song titled 'Battle of The Heaven and Earth'. Kobe gets the role as a rapper. This is the first time Jay worked with strangers in sing his songs.

"Our collaboration certainly incomparable and invincible," said Jay.

Kobe was like cooperation with Jay. He had fallen in love with Jay Chou's song since first hearing.

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