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Dismiss White Stripes, Jack White Do not Want Make New Band

On 2 February, the Jack and Meg White have agreed to dissolve the band The White Stripes. Now Jack has vowed not want to make a new band again.

Jack did not just menggawangi White Stripes in recent years. Musician real name is John Anthony Gillis Racounteurs in 2005 to form The Dead and The Weather in 2009.

According to Jack, the three bands was enough for him. In addition, he is still working on his solo project. Sometimes he collaborated with other musicians to make music side project.

"I'm not going to join another band again. Three enough for a lifetime," said Jack told Q magazine reported by Spinner, Friday (25/02/2011).

White Stripes, The Weather Racounteurs and The Dead have a different musical style bike although the same person. Jack had enough to share their creativity to the two bands that are still remaining.

Some time ago he collaborated with Jay-Z. He also appeared as guest musicians on the album 'Rome' property Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi.

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