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Not All Insurance Needs

Insurance, insurance for some people is an account that is very helpful, for others are found to be important, even shunned. Justify so ..?

The good news, indeed, not everyone needs insurance. how come? Can once, you include people who do not need anymore Insurance provided that:
1. Already have enough funds that until your wife and your baby fall ill.

If you are a disciplined set aside funds for unforeseen circumstances, such as pain and cost a lot, then you do not need to have insurance anymore. Since you've prepared from the outset.

If you are in a condition like this, then do not need to have insurance, if ill stay habisin aja money already collected. Most of disesalin later is trying to have insurance, do not have to pay for itself, already paid for an insurance company ama.

2. Already have sufficient funds to Wife and Children (read: family) if she dies too fast.

Well, if you already have enough money to pay for regular household expenses (cost of living needs, electricity, PAM, etc.), children's education expenses, usually people like this have no mortgage. So with these conditions, you do not need to have insurance.

3. Already have sufficient funds for the cost of school children to graduate.

If you're designing your child's future education and have set up funds are also in accordance with the real cost calculation is needed, and although there a risk that befall you, but Dana Pendididkan persists, then you do not need to have insurance for children's education.

4. Already Sick-weakly.

Yes, when you are sick like you already have heart problems, diabetes, or there is a disease in a particular organ, then you do not need insurance anymore. Because the insurance company will certainly reject the filing of your insurance.

Now, while still healthy then there is no harm in having insurance. Because if you are already a sickly, auto insurance company will reject the filing of your insurance.

5. Your age is over 65 years.

Yes, because the age factor, you will usually be rejected when applying for insurance. Because usually an insurance company will accept customers under 60 years of age.

So, while still young and healthy, soon had his insurance account.

So already you know, that not everyone needs insurance. If you own roughly including those where ..?

And when you include people who yearn to live prosperous and want to send their parents on the day your baby until the level of high-level, but do not know how to prepare. We as a Financial Consultant will assist you in planning your finances.

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