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Insurance Education

Insurance Education is a type of insurance that provides assurance / guarantee funds will be used for future education expenses. Insurance Education has two elements, namely Investments and Protection. Investments aims to create a number of fund / cash value to be able to beat inflation, so the fund or cash value that is created can be used for purposes of education funding.

Protection has the goal of providing health protection to themselves the Son or the primary participant or primary insured, so if there is a risk (illness), then this insurance will provide compensation, without reducing the funds that had invested in insurance education. With the protection this provided the funds already invested will not be disturbed because there was a risk. In addition to protection against children's health insurance, it also provides facilities STOP saving (read: invest), when parents (depositors) at risk, which then the company will take over for deposit to the account of the child on account of this education insurance sd adult children (ages 25 years). So with the existence of this protection, the Fund for the Education of certainty is always available when needed.

Preparing children's education is mandatory. In the verses of the Qur'an Allah warnsus not to leave any generation in weak condition. Weak here can be intended as ageneration that can not compete because the less educated and economicallyindependent not even poor.

Allah AWT said:

"And kill not your children - your childrenbecause of poverty. Wewill give luck to you and to them ". Q.S Al - An'am (6): 151

Readers who I respect, was introduced today by the name of education insurance ..? You as parents are wise and intelligent must have insurance this education, in order to guarantee / assurance fund for the education of children remain available, although in the course of any risk to save lives. Perhaps you are now confused, what is the appropriate insurance. You should not confuse, through this website I will help you provide options and solutions to the insurance. You can call me

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