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'Lost', TV series Most hijacked in 2010

TV series 'Lost' is created by Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof into TV series of the most widely pirated during 2010. In addition to 'Lost', the series 'Heroes' is also still favored the spectators 'free'.

According to TorrentFreak like Aceshowbiz launched on Monday (03/01/2011), the level of piracy on the second TV series was still very high. In 2009, they also occupy the top although the number of illegal downloads declined slightly this year.

An episode of 'Lost'has been downloaded almost 6 million times, while the American TV audience estimate is 13.5 million. 'Heroes' ranks second after being downloaded 5.4 million, while the average TV viewers was 5.3 million.

'Heroes' is one example of how TV viewing habits have been constantly changing throughout the year around the world. At the same time demand for TV shows in the USA increased, but it takes many months before the show aired overseas.

Here are 10 TV series of the most widely pirated in 2010, according to TorrentFreak:

1. 'Lost'
2. 'Heroes'
3. 'Dexter'
4. 'The Big Bang Theory'
5. 'House M.D.'
6. 'How I Met Your Mother'
7. '24 '
8. 'True Blood'
9. 'Glee'
10. 'Family Guy'

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